15 Sausage Dog Gifts For Crazy Hot Dog Ladies

15 Sausage Dog Gifts For Crazy Hot Dog Ladies

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From Picasso and Warhol to the Nobel prize-winning Einstein. Dachshunds have been a famously, trusty companion to many famous faces. Which is no surprise as they are one of the world’s most beloved dog breeds.

Whether you’re searching for a sausage dog gift for a Dachshund owner, lover or yourself (slowly raises hand). We’ve rounded up some of our favourite hot diggidy dog gifts from small businesses and crafters across the UK.

Weiner Doormat

Shop: Imagineered – Etsy.co.uk

One of our favourite sausage dog gifts! This practical and humorous doormat will certainly make people smile, both the recipient and visitors alike.

It’s both eco-friendly, made from durable natural coconut fibres to ensure it lasts. That’s not forgetting the biodegradable PVC vinyl backing to help keep the mat from sliding around.

Custom Dachshund Print

Shop: awesomemugsandmore – Etsy.co.uk

We are in love with these quirky, customisable prints. We all know a house isn’t a home without four-legs and a waggy tail.

This print makes a great sausage dog gift. You can choose from long hair, short hair or wire-haired in a variety of red, cream, black & tan, chocolate & tan, blue & tan or golden colours. Also available in Piebald and a range of Dapple colours! Have two dogs? Twice as nice, check out this alternative print.

Dachshund Plant Pot

Shop: FloralBeeDesigns – Etsy.co.uk

Is the dachshund lover in your life a bit of a green thumb too? This adorable little hand-decorated plant pot, lovingly created using water-colours. The plant-pot says ‘A house is not a home without a Dachshund’ and we all know how true that is!

Sausage Roll Print

Shop: BewilderbeestShop – Etsy.co.uk

If you know someone as doolally about Dachshunds as we are, then this slice of Sausage Dog silliness will make their day. This print is both quirky and bold made to put a smile on your face. Comes framed or unframed.

Wooden Dachshund Pin

Shop: MoowCo – Etsy.co.uk

Pin it on your bag, on your denim jacket or even on your t-shirt. This adorable wooden pin badge is the perfect small sausage dog gift.

Personalised Dachshund Plush

Shop: EnglishHound – Etsy.co.uk

How adorable is this little plushy? This sweet sausage dog gift comes with a personalised collar, name tag and name. Then when you receive it you get a small adoption note in the box.

Perfect for those with a wiener of their own, or for those who dream of having a sausage dog.

Dachshund Tea Towels

Shop: bespokeblinds – Etsy.co.uk

These beautiful hand-sewn tea towels are super cute for any kitchen collection. They come in a set of three and are available in duck egg blue and mustard yellow. Each set of 3 can be made up of the same colour, or different.

Dachshund Dog Earings

Shop: GemmaJJewellery – Etsy.co.uk

These beautifully adorable earrings complement and complete any outfit, making the perfect sausage dog gift for those with pierced ears.

The attention to detail in the dachshund’s face and collar is delightful. They come in a high-quality Sterling Silver or 14ct Rose Gold Vermeil.

Custom Illustrated Coasters

Sausage Dog Gifts
Shop: MarvellousPets – Etsy.co.uk

This review says it all, ‘I almost cried when I got them.’ These coasters make the most perfect sausage dog gift. They’re also a great keepsake to cherish your beloved pooch. Not only do you get an adorable illustration of your pooch, but you get them printed on coasters. Practically perfect.

Grey Dotted Dachshund Mug

Sausage Dog Gifts
Shop: MargauxMakesDesigns – Etsy.co.uk

Hello, sausage! Adorable and fun sausage dog gift, featuring curious chocolate & tan Sausage.

The maker created these beautiful products after struggling to find high-quality mugs with a sausage on the front. Meaning there are various other Dachshund colours available on the Margaux Makes shopfront.

Handpoured Dachshund Wax Melts

Sausage Dog Gifts
Shop: TheFriendlyCandleCo – Etsy.co.uk

We love these wax melts from The Friendly Candle. Not only do they come in a range of scents, but they’re also safe for dogs being made of 100% soy wax. We would stick to the lavender if there are pooches around (plus it helps them to relax). Read our guide for more information on what scented candles are safe for dogs.

It’s Been a Long Day Wine Tumbler

Shop: WimlyMugs – Etsy.co.uk

This wine tumbler has plenty of features to keep your recipients tail wagging. Not only does this water bottle come with a quirky design, but it keeps drinks chilled for up to 9 hours hours or warm for up to 3 hours. It also comes with a stainless steel staw and a brush to clean the straw!

Dachshund door draft stopper

Shop: rokushon – Etsy.co.uk

We all know a sausage dog makes the perfect shape for a door stopper. Long enough to cover every draft. This one will certainly keep out the winter chill. This one-of-a-kind door stop is made from soft fleece and stuffed with anti-allergic hollow fibre. You can choose from different sizes and colours.

Cloth Face Mask

Sausage Dog Gifts
Shop: TheCosyCanineCompany – Etsy.co.uk

In the world we are currently living in, no sausage dog gifts guide would be complete without a face mask, right? This adorable colourful mask is both soft and comfortable, safe and stylish.

Rainbow Dachshund Print

Sausage Dog Gifts
Shop: FayeFinn – Etsy.co.uk

Following on from the last gift, this print says so much! Rainbows have been a common theme throughout the pandemic. But isn’t it a dream to see a rainbow of dachshunds who fill our lives with so much colour. This quirky print is the perfect sausage dog gift to share after a pandemic!

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