15 Summer Dog Bandanas For Your Dapper Hound

15 Summer Dog Bandanas For Your Dapper Hound

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Dog bandanas are a fun fashionable way to style your pooch. You only have to browse Instagram to see the fashionistas donning the next design, ready to be on the cover of Vogue.

While they’re great for adding some extra flair to your furry companion, bandanas can also be more practical and useful than you think.

Keeping Them Cool: During the summer, bandanas are a great way to keep your pooch cool. Dogs can’t regulate their temperature like us, so by soaking the bandana in cold water you can help them feel fresh and cool. There’s bandanas that are made specifically for this too, which we’ve added into our summer guide.

Calming Them Down: During the summer, we’ve also been getting some freak thunderstorms which many pups are sensitive too. Bandanas are a great way to help your pooch by dropping some calming essences onto a bandana.

Looking the Part: When dining out, or grabbing a coffee, you’ll want your pooch to look the part. Put their best paw forward with a bandana. Bandanas are great for any impromptu photoshoots and that’s not forgetting all the fuss and compliments they’ll receive.

Supporting Small Businesses: As if that wasn’t enough, all the bandanas in this guide are created by small business owners on Etsy. So you’ll be helping local economies to stay afloat while supporting them through these unprecedented times.

Things to Consider

The most important thing to consider before getting a bandana is whether or not your dog is happy and comfortable wearing a bandana. Most dogs are relaxed but if your dog shows any signs of stress, then don’t force them to wear it.

When measuring the dog’s neck, bandanas should be loose enough for you to comfortably slip at least two fingers between their neck and the bandana. This is to make sure the bandana is not restricting their breathing or movement.

So now that we’ve preached the goodness of this great accessory, and important things to consider let’s dive into our Summer ‘edit’ of dog bandanas.

Tropic Like It’s Hot Reversible Bandana

Etsy @GambitAndMe

This had us howling with laughter. Great motif to add to your dogs summer collection. This design from Gambit And Me features a fully reversible design with a retro print, throwing us right back to the 80’s. This bandana comes complete with poppers for a secure fit!

Surfs Up Dog Bandana

Etsy @DoggoneDapper

We love Doggone Dapper for so many reasons. Their up-cycled designs are created from various bits and pieces found in charity shops and preloved clothes. They’re also stitched using recycled polyester thread and complete with poppers for a secure fit. This one is perfect for surfer pups in the summer, we adore the little sunglasses popped on top.

Into the Wild Dog Bandana

Etsy: @LuckyPDesigns

At Dog Furiendly you know there’s nothing we love more than adventure. The summer months are perfect for exploring the UK’s breathtaking mountains, woodland wilderness or camping out. These bandanas from Lucky Penny Designs are perfect for those little explorers and we want one of each. Fastened with poppers for a secure and flexible fit.

Tie-Dye Dog Reversible Bandana

Etsy: @NellieBellieUK

This tie-dye design from Nellie Bellie is totally on-trend this summer! What makes this bandana better is it’s fully reversible with a ‘summer vibes’ print on the back. Sometimes with reversible bandanas, you’ll find one side is better than the other. But with this bandana, they’re both amazing! This bandana is stylishly finished with poppers for a secure fit.

No Prob Llama Reversible Bandana

Etsy: @BaxsBoutique

This reversible bandana from Baxs Boutique comes with two llamazing summer designs! This bandana is perfect for everyday wear when your dog is living their best life with no prob llamas. It comes with poppers for a secure, simple fit.

Sunflower Reversible Bandana

Etsy: @PoppyLunaLove

We’re a little bit in love with this design from Poppy Luna Love! If there’s any flower that makes us think of Summer, it’s the glorious Sunflower.

This bandana is fully reversible with a happy yellow mustard colour and personalised name on the back. All bandanas have a double snap closure so you can easily put on the bandana and take it off.

Save The Bees Dog Bandana

Etsy: @WhiskersandStitched

This bandana from Whiskers and Stitched supports the animals we don’t want to buzz off in the summer – bees. It’s made with a traditional knot style bandana in a quirky yellow honeycomb print. Stay bumble and show your dogs support for our bees this summer with this quirky design.

Safari Dog Bandana

Etsy: @RevimaDesigns

Is your pup more of a Nigel Thornbury? These safari-style bandanas from Revima Designs scream summer adventures. Perfect for a trip to a dog friendly farm or even better, the dog friendly Zoo in the Cotswolds! This bandana comes with matching items and finished with poppers for an adjustable secure fit.

Strawberry Fields Bandana

Etsy: @BlondeDogBoutique

One of the things we think of when summer comes around is tasty strawberries and Wimbledon. This gorgeous slip-on bandana from Blonde Dog Boutique is super fruity and double sided with cotton fabric. Matching collars and leads are also available.

Cooling Dog Bandanas

Etsy: @AsYouLikeItStudio

Designed to keep your dog as cool as a cucumber. These cooling bandanas are handmade from AsYouLikeIt Studio in North Wales. They’ve proved very popular during hot spells with hundreds of reviews.

They have non-toxic crystals within the neck section of the bandana. When these are immersed in the cold water for around 25-30 minutes they swell and keep their cooling effect for up to 2 days. For extra cooling you can pop them in the fridge or re-hydrate them by soaking in cold water for 5 minutes.

For more items to cool down your dog in the summer, check out our guide to cooling accessories.

Personalised Tropical Dog Bandana

Etsy: @PuppedUp

Take your pooch to the tropics with this bandana from Pupped Up. Taking inspiration from the Hawaiian shirt, these prints have always been big in the summer. The best part? This slip-on bandana comes personalised with your dog’s name printed in white vinyl. You’ll catch us in the cocktail bar grabbing some puptails with this little find.

Nautical Bandana

Etsy: WaggaSwagga

This summer guide wouldn’t be complete without a nautical design. We love this one from Wagga Swagga, and to make it even better you can buy matching accessories. Great design for those who love rocking bandanas by the sea.

Cheeky Monkey Reversible Bandana

Etsy: @AbsurdDesign

We’ve gone bananas for these bandanas. We all have a cheeky monkey right? These bandanas from Absurd Design allow you to show off their cheekiness with style.

This bandana comes fully reversible with a lovely yellow colour on the back. Complete with an easy popper fastening for a looser fit or option to tie in a traditional knot.

Palm Leaf Slip On Bandana

Etsy: @BuddyandBen

Take us to Palm Springs with this bandana. This cute design from Buddy and Ben is throwing total wanderlust vibes. Your pooch could totally rock this during summer walks on the beach. This slip-on bandana is easy to pop on and secure for any active dog walks.

French Fries Slip On Bandana

Etsy: @DugHungs

We can already envisage the Instagram snap. Your pooch peeking over the table in a dog friendly diner staring at those tasty fries. This slip-on design from Dug Hings is giving us total 80s throwback vibes. Perfect for dog friendly foodie adventures.

Share Your Summer Styles

Whether you’re into bandanas, bows or the newest trend neckerchiefs. Share your photos and comments with us below. Do you have a favourite Etsy bandana seller? Let us know in the comments below.


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