7 Ways to Encourage Dog Owners to Leave Reviews

7 Ways to Encourage Dog Owners to Leave Reviews

Reviews, love them or hate them, they’re beneficial to your business and can help influence a customers decision to book or visit.

We like to think of reviews as snippets of digital advice, mutually beneficial to both customers and businesses.

Customers need some form of social proof to help them make a confident decision on whether or not they should visit with the dog. While for businesses, reviews create a feedback loop which can help your business to improve the key areas your customers care about.

We asked dog owners across the UK, and 70% said having a place to leave reviews on the website was important.

Believe it or not, although the dog friendly industry is thriving, many dog owners still feel apprehensive visiting places with the dog. Visits are planned, and many dog owners will read reviews and find social proof to help with their decision and give them the confidence to visit.

Businesses need to continue building trust amongst dog owners and one of the ways you can do that is by making your Dog Furiendly listing attractive with reviews. If a dog owner can see other reviews by dog owners they’re more likely to visit your business.

So how can you encourage reviews and leverage that to attract more customers? Check out our 7 top tips below!

1. Don’t Ask, Don’t Get

Simples! We know that 42% of customers are more likely to leave a review if they are specifically asked to do so (Source: Critical Research Ltd, 2017). So why not go ahead and ask?

Our favourite way to do this is face-to-face. At the end of their customer service, ask them if they enjoyed their experience, thank them for visiting, then ask if they would kindly leave a review on Dog Furiendly for other dog owners to see.

2. Easy Peasy

Even when you ask customers to leave reviews with the ultimate charm and persuasion, customers can drop off partway through the process. Take the effort out of the process and always provide clear instructions on how to leave a review.

Perhaps have a business card with your listing URL, an IPad set up by the counter to get people to leave one there and then, or just by being active and sharing your direct links on social media.

3. Get Social

Post regular links to your free or premium listing on Dog Furiendly, and invite dog-loving customers to share their thoughts on your business.

If any dog owners have left reviews on Facebook/TripAdvisor, ask them to repost that same review on your Dog Furiendly listing, so more dog owners can find and trust your business! Dog owners are always up for helping other dog owners.

Alternatively, you could keep an eye out for positive mentions of your business (which is good practice anyway) on social media and approach them for a review.

4. Little Treats

Guests love feeling valued, but dog owners love seeing their dog valued even more! We know that 98% of dog owners would re-visit a place if treats and water were given to the dog. Imagine what that return rate would be if that was a special offer for the dog? Think about creating a special offer for any dog owner who leaves a review on Dog Furiendly, a free sausage for the dog on their next visit perhaps?

The smallest of treats can make a huge difference and could secure more Dog Furiendly reviews for your listing.

5. Run a Competition

A prize draw can be a fun way to spur on fresh reviews. Something like “Any dog owners who leave a review on Dog Furiendly between (two dates) get entered into a prize draw to win (dog product, money off, freebies).”

Always provide thorough terms and conditions for every draw and always make sure you’re operating within UK law.

6. Share the Love

Try to catch dog owners on as many touchpoints as possible. Think about having flyers, cards with your listing URL pointing dog owners in the right direction.

That’s not forgetting social media channels, WiFi log in page and website, always be ready to remind dog owners that reviews are important to you and other dog owners.

7. Daily Profitable Habit

Make it into a habit! The more you ask customers to leave reviews, the more likely it is to become a daily habit. It’s going to remind current customers to reflect on their positive experience and influence new customers – making this habit profitable.

Brief O-fur-view

  • Be timely when asking for reviews, so the experience is still fresh in their mind.
  • Be persistent, not everyone is going to see this ask at the same time, so you need to make sure it’s asked often and through different touchpoints.
  • Be creative, think outside of the box for ideas that will attract your next dog-loving customers!

What out-of-the-box ideas have you had to encourage reviews from happy customers? Leave it below to help other business owners reading this article.


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