A Photo Hunt Challenge for You and Your Dog is Coming to Merthyr

A Photo Hunt Challenge for You and Your Dog is Coming to Merthyr

Grab your selfie stick because we’re bringing a unique photo hunt challenge for dog owners and their four-legged friends to Garwnant Visitor Centre, Merthyr in collaboration Just Perfect Catering. The Puparazzi Photo Hunt will take on Saturday 8th September from 10:30am.

We know how much people love to take photos of their fur babies and with so many dog owners creating Instagram accounts for their dogs we wanted to bring the two together.

What is a photo hunt?

Teams will have a list of poses and places to take with their dog in the woodland attraction. Each pose will be allocated with different points and teams have one hour to get as many photos as possible.

The team with the most points at the end will win, with prizes available for first, second and third place.

Would you go straight for the big points? Or gather up the little points?

Where can I buy my ticket?

Tickets for the Photo Hunt cost £5 per person and are available online only. Buy your ticket here.

Tickets are bought in teams, so if your wanting to work in a team of four, you’ll need to buy your tickets together. All dogs are free and there’s no limit to how many dogs are in a team.

Who else is involved?

We work closely with Just Perfect Catering from Garwnant Visitor Centre. Not only is this venue dog friendly outside, but they also have a dog friendly cafe for you to enjoy a bite to eat or drink after all that photo snapping and running around. The food and cakes are totally delicious!

It’s such a beautiful, dog friendly venue, loved not just by us but by other dogs across Wales. Read Archie’s blog for more information.

Will this be available in my area soon?

We’re working closely with our Explorers across the UK to bring you these events closer to your area! To keep up to date with our next events sign up to our newsletter.

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