A Website Dedicated to Finding Cat Friendly Places Launched in the UK

A Website Dedicated to Finding Cat Friendly Places Launched in the UK

Since launching Dog Furiendly one of our frequently asked questions is, “will you be creating a community for cats?” Well, we’re letting the cat out of the bag and purring with contentment to announce our new project!

Cat Furiendly is an interactive website for cat owners across the UK. The website lists cat friendly places including pubs, cafés, restaurants, shops, and attractions.

The website is the first of its kind in the UK and will benefit over 16 million cat owners. It’s free to use and cat lovers are invited to join the community and submit their favourite places.

Founder of Cat Furiendly, Adele Pember started the website after struggling to find places to take her Moggy, Charley.

Adele said: “People have been calling for a cat version of the Dog Furiendly directory for a while now, so creating this new website made purrfect sense. When I leave my cat Charley at home, he may seem indifferent, but I know deep down he wants to come with me.

“Since launching Dog Furiendly, we’ve helped so many people to find new places! We can’t wait to do the same for cat owners.”

The website catfuriendly.com is available to use today. Cat owners are encouraged to share their favourite cat friendly places with us on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook @catfuriendly.

Adele continues, “Just kitten, this is a little April Fool’s joke from Dog Furiendly. Our hearts are with the dogs no matter how cute those precious felines are.”

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