How would you feel if your family and friends went for a nice meal without you? Well, now you know how the dog feels. Over 8 million dogs face this situation every single day. Dog owners are completely torn between staying at home with the dog or going out with family and friends. Queue Dog Furiendly, a dog’s best friend. Browse our directory to find dog friendly things to do, places to eat/drink or events to enjoy with your pooch by your side.

Welcome to Dog Furiendly, your number one source for dog friendly adventures. We’re dedicated to providing you the very best directory, which is created and shaped by you, our community. We also create tail-wagging events for you to meet like-minded dog owners, socialise your pooch and have fun.

Founded in 2018 by Adele Pember, Dog Furiendly has come a long way from its blogging beginnings. Adele started Dog Furiendly to ensure that plans with her dog Charlie didn’t have to be compromised. What started as a small list of dog friendly places shared via a blog, has now turned into a tail-wagging community and easy to use directory.

Like 30% of dogs across, Charlie suffers with separation anxiety – by creating this community Adele is no longer torn between staying at home or going out with family and friends, enriching their quality of life.

We hope you enjoy being a part of our community as much as we enjoy offering it to you. 


How Can I Get Involved?

We have a wide variety of ways you can get involved with Dog Furiendly. From leaving reviews for other members of the community to learn from, to getting involved with our local events and virtual campaigns.

Write Reviews

Leave reviews for other members of the community to learn from. Spacious for bigger paws? Did the staff go above and beyond? The more honest your reviews, the more it helps the next dog owner.

Add Listings and Events

Anyone who visits the website has the ability to add their favourite places and upcoming events to the website. Just click the 'Add business/event button to get started. The more places we have on here, the more variety there is for dog owners to enjoy - team work makes the dream work.

Join one of our events

We have events taking place across the UK. These events are run by our Explorers who are members of your local community. Support them, meet like-minded people, socialise your pooch and get involved.