Are Scented Candle Fumes Toxic to Dogs?

Are Scented Candle Fumes Toxic to Dogs?

When we light a scented candle, whether it’s for the aroma, decoration or mood, we forget about the effect it will have on our dogs. Sparking the question, are scented candle fumes toxic to dogs?
Of course, first, we need to make sure that it is out of reach so it’s not knocked over by an enthusiastic waggy tail. However, once that’s done, many of us never think that the wick, the wax and the aroma could affect our dogs – we certainly didn’t! Candles emit nasty toxins into the air, breathing chemicals into our bodies and bloodstream. Just like us humans, our dogs could also be allergic to the scent and the chemicals that go with it.
Above all, candles aren’t regulated and companies don’t have to list the ingredients they have used. Who knows what toxins emit once the candle has been lit?

Suggested Ingredients To Avoid:

Lead: If the wick has a metal core, containing lead this could affect the central nervous system. Symptoms your dog’s affected include chomping at the jaw and incoordination. Although sometimes this could be normal behaviour for our quirky pets.

Paraffin wax: Found in the majority of candles. Made from petroleum waste, best not look into what that is. If inhaled could cause nausea and headaches, it also releases carcinogens when burned.

Acetaldehyde, Formaldehyde and Acrolein: these reduce the air quality we breathe.

Benzene: This is a known carcinogen and comes from the burning soot in a candle.

Toluene: This could come from the soot and is dangerous to the central nervous system.

In addition to this, avoid artificial scents and colours.

There are 100% natural alternative scented candles that aren’t harmful or toxic to dogs, here’s our guide on how to find the best one.

Our Top 4 Dog Friendly Candle Alternatives.

The best candles to buy that have little, to no effect on us and the dogs, should be beeswax, natural soy or vegetable-based wax. The wick should be 100% natural unbleached cotton, or paper and lead free. Candle scent should come from essential oils.

Alternatives include electric candles or essential oils. Dilute the sssential oils before diffusing them. Above all, we love 100% natural candles though they are the perfect dog friendly alternative. With a longer burn time and stronger scents here are 4 of our favourites.

1. Flamingo Candles

100% natural and poured in lovely Wales.

Candles made from EcoSoya soy wax made from good, old-fashioned, earth grown soybeans. Guaranteed to contain no petroleum, paraffin or beeswax products. It’s made with cotton wicks, made of 100% natural fibres with a burn time of up to 50 hours!

We love their amazing range of smells, and most come in eye-catching, brightly-coloured, super kitsch jars! They also have a special edition Pink Ribbon Candle which donates 20% of sales to a Breast Cancer charity.

Are Scented Candle Fumes Toxic to Dogs?

2. Paw Natural

Paw Natural candles specially made for dog owners. Candles made from soy wax with pure soybean oil. Their divine fragrances fill the room with scents like Flower Power, Peppermint, Sugar Candy and Lemon Grass. They also have natural soy wax melts with relaxing aromas.

Made from natural soy wax, you can expect this candle to burn for up to 30 hours and it comes with a silver lid to keep the candle free from dust.

3. Neom Organics 

Even the fussiest candle lovers will find it hard to any faults with this beautiful three-wick candle from award-winning wellbeing brand Neom.

Neom creates 100% natural fragrances with true aroma-therapeutic benefits and inspiring women to lead healthier, more balanced lives. This one is Neom’s bestselling scent, a complex blend of 24 relaxing oils including lavender, jasmine and Brazilian rosewood. Perfect for your pooch to chill out to throughout the Christmas festivities.

The divine fragrance hits you as soon as you open the box. The scent intensifies when it’s lit, scenting the whole house. It also has 50 hours of burn time – amazing!

Are Scented Candle Fumes Toxic to Dogs?

4. Kiss the Moon Candles

These 100% natural scented candles help you unwind and get a good nights sleep. 

This candle smells so heavenly you will feel any stress slip away from the first whiff. It’s made from soy wax using high-grade braided cotton wicks and burns for up to 50 hours. This dreamy candle has scents of pure lavender, roman chamomile and bergamot essential oils – all of which again we know will relax our pooch to no end.

They also produce travel candles with a 22-hour burn time, perfect for our furiends who are always on the go.

Whatever aroma you use around your dog make sure it is a dog friendly one free from scented candle fumes toxic to dogs. Happy dog – happy home!

Are Scented Candle Fumes Toxic to Dogs?

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