Attracting more doggy customers with Instagram

Attracting more doggy customers with Instagram

It’s the second most popular social media platform in the world, but did you know, that almost a fifth of dogs in the UK have their own Instagram account? That’s over 2 million dogs! So why is Instagram so important for your dog friendly business and how can you use it to get more customers?

1. Creating a fan base

Instagram is completely visual, more so than both Facebook and Twitter. It therefore helps you to form a more personal connection with your customers. You can share a photo of your latest dog customer, dish of the day or that quaint little cocktail or even give them a sneak peek of your new project.

Instagram has one of the most active and engaged user base, generating 120 times more engagement per follower than Twitter. It’s the perfect platform to connect, listen and build your fan base.

2. Joining Forces

With so many businesses on Instagram, joining forces with other businesses or dog influencers is crucial to extend your reach that little bit further. We’re always happy to work with dog friendly businesses, so if you want to collaborate, get in touch.

Alternatively, consider working with Instagram stars such as Le Corgi, Cockapoo Marley,  or even Dog Furiendly‘s very own Charlie Big Ears!

Instagram has a tough algorithm, but the more you interact and engage with other accounts and get them to interact with you in return – the more likely you are to kick it’s fluffy butt.

3. Reach new audiences

Hashtags were made to optimise your reach. With so many people out there not knowing your business exists, Instagram hashtags are a great way to connect with a new audience and spark conversation. Research the ones your target audience are using or searching for and include them in your post for a boosted bit of engagement.

Our top tip is to search and follow local hashtags such as #Wales #Glasgow, then follow and comment on the dog photos letting them know you’re a dog friendly venue.

4. Behind the Scenes

Instagram Stories are quickly out-pacing the growth of Snapchat from which the function and concept were essentially copied. In fact, more people are likely to view your Instagram story, than your Instagram post itself, so it’s worth utilising both.

Use Stories to give your brand a new dimension with, live Q&A’s, prize draws or behind the scenes with your staff and happy dog-owning customers. You can even ask questions to get instant feedback and run quick polls. That’s not forgetting the new highlights and archive functions. Showcase your menu and stick it in a highlight, or bring back some of your favourite stories with the archive.

Going back to point number one, it helps to build those personal connections, making your brand look more real, trusted and authentic.

5. Business Account

It’s always a big question among businesses, but we highly recommend changing your profile to a business account. The algorithms are a little tougher, but you can easily hack the algorithm to get the results you want by using the other points above.

Business accounts come with its own Instagram’s analytics tool, so you can determine the optimal time to post your content and get insight into your regular users. Mostly female? Perhaps it’s time to organise a dog friendly afternoon tea.

Does your business use Instagram? Drop your account handle in the comments below so Dog Furiendly can find and follow!


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