Lending a helping paw to charities affected by Coronavirus


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£5.83 per Hoody goes to the National Emergencies Trust.

Men’s T-Shirt

£2.95 per T-Shirt goes to the National Emergencies Trust.

Women’s T-Shirt

£2.95 per T-Shirt goes to the National Emergencies Trust.

What is Bark aid?

At times like this, we all need to lend a helping paw where we can to help our society and most vunerable communities.

Together, partnering with a whole host of other dog-related businesses, we're aiming to lift community spirits with one big collective paw print.

We'll be sharing plenty of blogs, up-to-date advice, stories from communities, ideas to improve physical and mental health and positive articles that highlight the continued health benefits dogs can bring during a time like this.


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How much of the £1.50 goes to charity?

When donations are collected they incur a fee from Paypal which is 2.9 percent per donation and 30p per transaction as of 21st March 2020. This is taken from the donation.

After the Paypal processing fees, the rest of the donation will be given to the charity involved with the selected category, no further expenses will be taken for the purpose of the competition.

Donations are collected and held in PayPal where they are then disbursed to your requested charity.

We have taken reasonable measures to safeguard all Donations. However, to comply with the Fundraising regulations it is our duty to let you know that all Donors will give at their own risk.

Can I enter more than once?

Yes. Only one unique photo will be accepted per entry. You can enter different photos into the same category (maximum of three per category), and you may submit the same photo to an alternative category. The £1.50 Donation is payable for each entry.

What photos aren’t accepted?

The photo must belong to you and you must have any permission to use the photo.

The entry photo needs to be a clean image – no watermark of any kind including dates given by camera settings.

We will not accept photos of any dog banned in the UK including those mentioned in the Dangerous Dogs Act 1992.

We also don’t accept any photos that could be interpreted as cruel, harmful or non-respectful of the dog’s wellbeing. For full terms and conditions on what makes an unacceptable photo, please read the terms and conditions.

Can I get a refund?

We will not process any refund donations, other than in specific circumstances as laid our in the terms and conditions.

When will the winners be announced?

Winners will be announced after Judging and will be announced on the 1st May 2020 via Facebook live on Facebook.com/dogfuriendly. Make sure you give us a follow to keep up to date with the competition announcements.

When does the competition close?

23rd April at midnight. No entries will be accepted past this date.



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