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How would you feel if all your family and friends went for a nice meal without you? Well now you know how the dog feels!

Our award-winning directory, community and event service is attracting dog owners from across the UK as they search for dog friendly places just like yours.

We are committed to supporting your dog friendly business, so that customers with dogs can find and visit you without hesitation. From the website, to our social media platforms.

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We Are Growing Rapidly

Dog Furiendly has over 15,000 unique monthly visitors, a social media audience of 26,000 and over 100 brand ambassadors.

Our Marketing is Influential

98% of dog owners using Dog Furiendly would be more likely to visit a place recommended and verified with premium advertising.

Give Yourself a Competitive Advantage

Dog Furiendly has been developed to reflect the needs of dog friendly businesses, with new industry-leading tools.

Suppawting Dog Furiendly

When you market your products or services with Dog Furiendly, not only are you tapping into a tail-wagging audience. You’re also supporting the growth of a resource that promotes dog friendly travel and healthy lifestyles.

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