Celebrating Pride – Be More Atlas


Guest Blog by Dog Furiendly Explorer, Jamie

To celebrate Pride Cymru, our Explorer Jamie shares her thoughts on equalities, being non-judgemental and just why we should be more like her pooch Atlas.

This is Atlas.

Atlas won’t judge you for the colour of your skin, the way you wear your hair, whether you choose to love men, women, or both. He won’t judge you for the religion you believe in, the clothes you wear or what language you speak. He may however choose to judge you for your kindness & your belly rubbing abilities, but he’s a dog after all.

So why do we as humans, think it’s ok to judge others for all of those things, and if you’re reading this & you choose to judge, stop & think for a minute, because that definitely says a lot more about you than it ever will about the person or people you are judging.

After all, each & every one of us are all just trying to get along in this crazy world we live in, why make that even harder by being ignorant & small minded?

Life is short.

I’ve always believed that dogs can teach us a thing or two in their short lives. And I still stand by this.

Atlas has taught me a lot in just seven months.

To him, love is love. So guys, my message to you is simply this;

– be more Atlas

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