Chuck’s Overnight Bothy Break

By @theworldonyourdoorstep

This weeks guest blog comes from Chuck the lovely German Shepherd. Chuck and his pawrents Dave and Bea run a blog called The World on your Doorstep check it out and read up on some of their dog friendly adventures. In this blog, Chuck writes about his overnight bothy stay at Elan Valley.


Hi Dog Fureindly followers. Chuck the German Shepherd here. Me and my humans have been on a little adventure this weekend. We stayed in a Bothy in the Elan Valley. I didn’t know what a bothy was but I have found out it’s a really cool place to stay. It’s like our house but there’s no electric or running water. That doesn’t bother me of course. I just drink out of the stream next to it. Bothy’s operate on a first come first serve basis. More information can be found here: Mountain Bothys Association.

The walk there

First though, we had to get to the bothy which involved my favourite thing. Walkies! 8 hours of walkies. Sadly, there were quite a lot of sheep on the way, so I had to be on the lead sometimes. Why Mummy and Daddy won’t let me herd the sheep I don’t know. I am a shepherd after all, it’s my job. But at least there is loads of water on the route and I got to swim in a huge reservoir. I was a reservoir dog!

Chuck's Overnight Bothy Break

The bothy

The bothy was fun but it wasn’t just Mummy and Daddy there. There were lots of other people who were having a party. I liked meeting them at first but then it got way past my bedtime and I just wanted to cuddle up with Mummy and Daddy. We didn’t get much sleep but I was still up for more walkies to get back the next day. It wasn’t as far but at least there were loads of puddles to jump in as it was raining. I had loads of fun and I really hope Mummy and Daddy take me to another bothy soon. You can read about mummy and daddy’s experience here. 

Chuck's Overnight Bothy Break

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