Decempaw Photo Challenge Results

Decempaw Photo Challenge Results

December 2019 saw us all take part in the festive photo challenge competition. It was the perfect opportunity for us to create fun and imaginative photos and for us to join together as a community. And let’s face it; we all enjoyed dressing our pooches up a little too much didn’t we?! Will they ever forgive us?

Whether it was via Facebook or Instagram you tagged us in your photoshoots and we loved it. We had some amazing creations whilst discovering new places to explore with our furry friends. We also all made some new friends along the journey and grew our dog-loving community a little more. 

After careful consideration and deliberation, we have chosen some festive favourites that certainly made us giggle and warm inside.

To choose a winner has been the most difficult task if we could give you all a prize we certainly would. We have laughed so much and smiled widely at some of your photos and they certainly brightened up our December.

We had to choose a winner and I am sure you will agree this photo summed up the challenge well. Gizmo was a true star throughout the month and this photo shinned the most. Well done Gizmo and Jade!

Thank you to everyone who took part in this challenge. It was so much fun and we enjoyed seeing all your photos each day. Keep your eyes peeled for some more fabulous photo opportunities over the year.

Much love,

Explorers – Evie, Beau, Morgan, Tilly, Kona, Amy and Angus x

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