Hands up if you love Anglesey!? Milo LOVES Anglesey and despite it being an hour drive for us, I don’t think he minds when we hit the beach and his little nose starts twitching in the sea air. A couple of weekends ago our plan was to take a boat trip around puffin island (also dog friendly) but the puffin island trip had been replaced with a normal boat trip up the menai strait so we left it (for now) and had another spontaneous trip to Plas Newydd house and gardens.

Plas Newydd is a beautiful mansion with exotic gardens and stunning views down the menai strait. Dogs are not allowed in the house itself – as if they are bothered with 169 acres of woodland and garden to explore.  

The Italian garden is currently full of warm colours making it feel as if summer has been with us forever.

For more family fun, there is an impressive adventure playground, a frisbee golf course, family walks and even a checklist ‘things to do before you are 11 and a half’ to get started on.  

I hope Milo’s visit has inspired you to take your dog. Please visit my page for other days out.

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