Dog Furiendly Urges Councils To Relax The Annual Dog Beach Ban

Dog Furiendly has launched a petition, urging local authorities to relax the annual dog beach restrictions to help curb the possible spread of coronavirus.

Despite the current coronavirus pandemic, many councils will continue to impose annual restrictions for dog walkers from 1st May.

Concerns have been raised that these beach restrictions will limit suitable dog walking spaces within communities. Other factors contributing to limiting spaces include other Public Spaces Protection Orders (PSPOs) and hundreds of privately owned parks, such as the National Trust which are closed.

Dog Furiendly is urging local authorities to temporarily relax the beach restrictions in order to stop unnecessary travel, avoid over-crowded spaces, and keep dog walkers exercising within their immediate communities.

Under current Government restrictions to tackle the virus, dog owners may leave their home to walk the dog as part of their one hour per day, exercise. The walk should be local and with no unnecessary travel.

Dog Furiendly fears without a relaxation of beach restrictions, some dog walkers may feel they have to travel to exercise their dog and protect its welfare. Councils across the UK could help avoid this issue by temporarily lifting the beach restrictions.

To rally public support, Dog Furiendly have launched a petition, aiming to relax the upcoming ban and make noise in the relevant local authority areas.

Adele Pember, Founder of Dog Furiendly “We’re urging local authorities to be flexible and consider relaxing enforcement on the upcoming beach restrictions coming into place on the 1st May.”

“Many parks across the UK are closed and green spaces aren’t easily accessible to everyone. If the beach restrictions continue from the 1st May, not only would this mean un-necessary driving from dog owners who are looking for somewhere to walk the dog, but a potential build-up in smaller parks and places.

“Everyone who would normally visit the beach for recreational use should be at home staying safe. Therefore by relaxing or delaying the annual beach restrictions, we can continue the safety of dog owners, ensuring there are adequate dog walking spots as close to home as possible. ”

To find out more information and to sign the petition dog owners can head over to:

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Editor’s Notes

Enquiries: Adele Pember | Founder of Dog Furiendly | 07807 919681 | [email protected] 

Adele is available for interview for all media.

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