Want to Help Dog Owners Across the World? Join our pack!

We’re looking for inspirational humans and dogs to put their pawprint on the Dog Furiendly map!

We’re looking for motivated individuals to take the lead in the Dog Furiendly community, sprinkle a sense of wanderlust or organise events for local pooches to enjoy.

We have three very im-paw-tant roles available in the community for dog owners to take the lead and apply for. Join the pack today.

You can only apply for one role at any time.


Inspire and help other dog owners to find new dog friendly places. Explorers add dog friendly places to the website and write travel related blogs.


Spark a sense of wanderlust for other dog owners. Social Barketers share adventures and dog friendly places through social media.


Create magic in the dog community. Pawty Planners organise local dog friendly events and meet-ups for other dog owners to enjoy.