How To Use of Technology To Grow Your Community Right Now

How To Use of Technology To Grow Your Community Right Now

At the start of the year, while we were all planning for a year of prosperity, nobody anticipated that Covid-19 would wreak havoc worldwide.

While the hospitality industry was gearing up for new trends, potential expansions and exciting new menus – a curve-ball headed our way disrupting plans and creating an economic crisis.

But what we’re facing right now is just temporary, and we all have to find the comfort in that. Not everything is lost, with a little creativity and a change in strategy, hospitality businesses can still come out stronger on the other side of this.

Now more than ever, technology plays an important role in our daily lives, and if used successfully you can find many ways to continue operating.

Here are 6 ways to help spark some creativity, keep your business at the forefront of your customer’s minds and ensure business goes on as usual.

1. Live Video

If the customers can’t come to you, why not go to them via live video instead?

Ensure the show still goes on with just a video camera and good internet. From pub quiz nights to live music, you can bring the entertainment to the comfort of your customers’ own homes.

We’ve seen some great examples of this! Dog friendly venue The Halfway House organise a yearly May Bank Holiday beer festival. Due to these circumstances, the event could have been cancelled, but it wasn’t!

They sent taster glasses of beers and cider, a veggie BBQ box and live-streamed music, comedy and a pub quiz.


While advertising the event, you can either charge tickets or ask supporting customers for a “donation” that will help to cover the profits you’re missing out on while your business cannot trade as usual.

Most social media platforms give you the option to stream live. Utilise social media and newsletter campaigns to market your live event at low-cost.

2. Recipes!

If you can’t provide cooked meals right now, why not show them how to prepare their own dishes? Rope in the chefs to pre-record recipe demonstrations, or do one via live streaming.

While you may have to share secret recipes, your customers will love the chance to re-create them at home. Don’t worry, nothing beats having it cooked for you, so they’ll always come back for more when normality resumes. If you’re concerned about too many people knowing about your recipe for free, perhaps you could even consider running online cooking lessons and charging people to learn.

Even better, sell recipe box kits to those who want to re-create recipes. Kits contain all of the ingredients they need to re-create the recipe.

3. Delivery

The food delivery market is booming. Before Covid-19, Uber Eats, Deliveroo, and Just Eat (to name but a few), were thriving, but the virus has made them even more important to consumers.

If you have not yet subscribed to any delivery services, it’s worth looking into. Remember to promote you now deliver on your social media pages and website.

4. eCommerce Shop

We love this idea, and our friends at Newport’s dog friendly venue Le Pub have been doing this well with quirky t-shirts and prints.

Any business can expand online to ensure that cash keeps flowing, all you need is an eye for creativity.

Using eCommerce will give you the ability to sell the recipe kits or other products that are unique to your brand. You’ll also need eCommerce if you’re looking to sell gift cards.

5. Vouchers!

There’s no doubt that this has always been a proven technique to get customers through the door. Now more than ever you’ll want to take advantage of different ways to stay in touch with your customers. I mean, can you imagine if Facebook went down, how would you communicate to your customers?

Texts, pop-up notifications and newsletters are all ideal ways to communicate outside of social media. They provide an excellent way to send virtual vouchers to be used when normality resumes. Discounts on meals or accommodation or as mentioned earlier, you can sell gift vouchers.

6. Social Media

The best (and might I add the most obvious) to last.

Now, more than ever, you need to get to grips and take advantage of your social media channels. Keep your community assured that their favourite venue will still be there when all this blows over. Or let them know about all the safe social distancing measures you’re working on.

Better yet, join us from Monday 15th June as we run through a 4 Day Mini Challenge to help you create a Social Media Audience to Bark About. We’ll help you to attract new customers during this down-time and thrive post-lock-down.

We’ll help you to cherry-pick the content that will prove engaging, help you form positive responses during dire times and implement campaigns to help you get new customers.

For more information about our challenge and to sign up visit:

So there we have it, 6 ways to help you think outside of the box during these uncertain times. What unique ideas have you seen from hospitality businesses over the last few weeks? Share your favourites below.


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