How to Improve User Experience?

How to Improve User Experience?

If you’re new to digital marketing, then you may be wondering what the term ‘user experience’ means. Sounds self-explanatory, but the user experience is about how a user experiences your business or your brand. It’s about how you present your business in an easy-to-use, effective manner.

Sometimes, owners are so wrapped up in the business, that they forget not everyone knows everything they know. Many customers across the UK can find navigating a user experience frustrating, especially if they’re missing prominent keywords on their website or social media.

Chances are, if you’re getting repetitive calls asking if you’re a dog friendly establishment, the user experience isn’t helpful and information is lacking or not clear.

Words and phrases like ‘dog friendly’, ‘dog’s welcome’, ‘dog’s allowed’ really need to be visible on your website or social media channels to allow the user to recognise your business as dog friendly.

How can a good user experience help my business?

When your user experience is great, it can be like having BIG welcome sign to your business. It’s attractive and lets visitors know exactly what to expect. If you’re dog friendly, dog owners need to be able to source this information, so be sure to put it on there.

Good user experience can also help with a lower bounce rate on your website, customers will engage on social media. It will also help with more leads, calls and bookings, and will save time handling those repetitive queries i.e. ‘is this place dog friendly?’

A user experience pre-empts what it will be like to interact with your business. It used to be that user experience meant how they find using your website. Things like web navigation, what device they visit your website on, usability and accessibility. This is still part of the user experience and it’s always worth taking a look at that from different angles.

Nowadays, users move between multiple channels, from social media to websites, so all of these channels need to fall under your user experience. Sometimes, social media may be your main source of information – so it’s even more important to make sure it’s user friendly.

How can I create a great user experience?

Information is key. Do your channels have all the information your audience is looking for?

To start with, think about all the different people who are going to find your business (dog owners, mothers, people with disabilities).

Once you’ve done that, think about and write down all the places a visitor may find your business on. Social media? Other directories? TripAdvisor?

Now, do all of those places have the keywords you need to make it clear to your segmented audience types’dog friendly’, ‘baby changing’, ‘accessible’? Is it easy to find your basic business details?

Getting feedback from people within those communities is a good way to improve your user experience.

You don’t need an all singing all dancing website

To manage time, many businesses are now opting for social media only or one-page websites. A one-page gives you the chance to share your most important details while capturing that 30-second attention span.

If you’re in the accommodation industry this probably isn’t going to work as you’ll need a booking system, but remember ‘less is more’. Strip it back and think about the information people actually search for and need to make a decision.

To Summarise

  • Think about keywords your audience may be searching for such as ‘dog friendly’ ‘wheelchair access’ etc.
  • Users move between multiple channels and so all of these channels need to fall under your user experience. Do an audit of your touch-points, and make sure all your keywords are covered.
  • Sprinkle your keywords across your channels.


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