Inky’s Big Adventure Diary

This week’s guest blog comes from our furiend Kate Johnson, author of a new children’s book Inky’s Big Adventure Diary. Kate is looking for support from our community to kickstart this captivating series of books. Read more about Kate and Binky’s story below.

Inky’s Big Adventure Diary - Community Dog Furiendly

Hiya, I’m Kate, and that fluff ball next to me? That’s Inky!

My name is Kate Johnson. I am a 49-year-old woman living in Cwmbran, South Wales. I am physically disabled but gladly my mind is buzzing. Due to my disability I can no longer work but my mind yearns for more, hence the creation of Inky’s Big Adventure Diary, children’s book series.

Inky, the star of the books!

Inky’s Big Adventure Diary is all about my loveable four-year-old pooch, Inky. He is a Miniature Schnauzer whose beautiful glossy coat was black, but it is now slowly turning grey. I have been told it’s due to his hair being cut when he’s groomed. Interesting. He loves any dog treats that contain peanut butter and anything that make a noise, except for thunder and fireworks! Plastic empty water bottles and plant pots have been a firm favourite since he was a puppy. He really enjoys having his teeth brushed, although he does have a good chomp on the brush!

Inky and I have shared an extremely close relationship for those four years now and I can’t imagine my life without him.

During those four years we have been on many adventures and share many memories. We have also enjoyed the simplicity of just being together, watching television (which he does when there are dogs on it!) and of course, cwtches.

About two years ago, I had an idea to write about him as he is such a character and literally everyone who meets him, falls in love with his mischievous nature.

Slowly over the last two years my ideas evolved into what I’m doing now, writing a series of children’s books with him as the real-life star! The intention is to not only share these times we’ve had together but for Inky to have fictional adventures doing things that children love to do too.

Inky’s Big Adventure Diary - Community Dog Furiendly

About the books

The series itself is called Inky’s Big Adventure Diary and each edition will have an adventure and title such as ‘Day at the beach’ or ‘Fun at the Fairground’. Each book will start with Inky writing his diary at the end of the day of his adventure. The stories will recount Inky’s day in a captivating, mischievous and humorous way. capturing his very nature.

If you use the books for daytime reading whether online or in hardback/paperback, there will be a section at the end of the book for the child to fill in about an adventure they have had. In addition, if it is a bedtime read, Inky will get tired towards the end and will want to stop writing in his diary and go to sleep. It will be up to you or the child how the story ends depending on the time of day they are reading. I like to think it will be amazing to read their diary entry in years to come!

We need your support

I am looking for dog lovers, guardians and dog lovers who are guardians of children or know people who are that you can share this with would be wonderful.

My target readers will be 3/4yrs to 10/11yrs, so anyone related to or caring for anyone in that age group will love these books. I will be updating the progress of these book and you will be able to acquire them as soon as they come out.

Our Facebook page is: Inky’s Big Adventure Diary. Please like, follow and share and be a part of this.

Inky’s Big Adventure Diary - Community Dog Furiendly

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