Justice for Jeffrey and all the other dog attacks across the UK

Justice for Jeffrey and all the other dog attacks across the UK


Guest Blog by Dog Furiendly Explorer, Jamie

Jeffrey the Mini Wirehaired Dachshund was attacked on Crosby Beach, Liverpool by three dogs whose owner just stood back and did nothing to intervene. Sadly, Jeffrey lost his life, suffering horrific injuries.
This story absolutely broke our heart. So many dog attacks happen on the daily in the UK, and we know more needs to be done to ensure harsher penalties are in place for irresponsible dog owners. Our Explorer Jamie shares her thoughts on dog owner responsibility. 

What does being a responsible dog owner mean to you?

It’s funny isn’t it, we hear the words responsible dog owner all the time, but what does that actually mean? I feel like with all the awful things I’m reading lately in regards to dog attacks, people have been getting this so, so wrong. I feel like people are expecting way too much from they’re four legged friends. They forget that dogs are unable to see things the way we see them, they can’t think logically under pressure. That’s what the real responsibility is, to make the choices they can’t possibly make on they’re own. It’s not just about cleaning up after your dog in public. There is so much more to it than that.

What to think about?

Ok, so picking up your dogs poo is a great start, but can you say you’ve got 100% control of your dog when out and about? If your dog was faced with a certain situation, how would they react to it? And if they did react badly, could you stop them? These are all questions you should be asking yourself before you even think about allowing your dog(s) to roam free off lead.

Do you think your dog will be thinking about the consequences of it biting another being? It won’t. The only thing that would be going through your dogs mind is it’s need to protect itself from something that us humans probably can’t even see or understand.

Let down by a human

This goes for the stories you hear or read about Dog on dog attacks, the dogs that have bitten children, or an adult, they have all stemmed from being let down by a Human. They have had too much trust put into them, whether it be, being left alone with a child & reacting the only way a dog knows how. To a dog being allowed to run free and have to make its own decisions because the human has no control & no understanding of its behaviour.

A dog will always act like a dog. And the only protection or weapon a dog has, are his teeth. It saddens me that the only action that’s ever made in these situations is that those dogs are put to sleep. That solves the problem right? …….Wrong.

Something needs to change.

I myself have witnessed my old bear get attacked by a dog who was completely out of control. He was one of the lucky ones. So many aren’t. So many like poor Jeffrey.

So this is for you Jeffrey, this is for all the dogs who have been unfortunate enough to fall victim to an irresponsible human. Please help us by signing the petition & raising awareness to stories like Jeffrey’s. Join us on a group walk, or even just share the link.

From one dog lover to another, things need to change & it’s OUR responsibility to make that happen.

What can I do to help?

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  1. Becky July 6, 2018 Subscriber

    Beautifully put Jamie xx

    • Jamie July 7, 2018 Subscriber

      Thanks so much Becky 😘

  2. lawrence thomas July 6, 2018 Subscriber

    How wounderfully said ” Jamie makes me very proud to be your Dad

  3. TomHarperPhotography July 8, 2018 Furiend

    Well done Jamie, a well written post that we could all learn something from.

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