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When Piper Met Ramsey: Introducing A New Puppy to the Pack - Dog Furiendly

How Dogs help Owners with Mental Health

This week’s guest blog comes from our Explorer Piper and her hu-mum Amy. Our furry pals can be a great source of comfort, companionship and motivation for dog owners in many ways, particularly when it comes to mental health. Piper is sharing her experience of helping Mum, Amy through the struggles of anxiety and how becoming an Explorer has helped her to live the best life possible.

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My Life With an Anxious Yellow Dog - Dog Furiendly

My Life With a Nervous Dog

All dogs are different, each with their own quirks, fears and anxieties. As a community of dog owners, we all need to respect those who need space for whatever reason and learn to assess situations before allowing our dog to dive right into the butt sniffing. Dogs who need space can easily defined by the colour yellow (click here to find out more about the yellow dog campaign). Emily shares her experience of having Danny, a nervous rescue and her top tips on how to manage those anxieties.

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Juggling Toddlers and Dogs - Dog Furiendly

Juggling Toddlers and Dogs

This week’s guest blog comes from our lovely Explorer Dorothy! Dorothy is living with three toddlers, one in the human form and two in the furry form and BOY does she have some stories to share. Dorothy shares her experiences and lessons learned. This is a great read, especially for  anyone considering getting a dog with a toddler in the mix.

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Tips on Becoming A Single Dog Parent - Dog Furiendly

Tips on Becoming A Single Dog Parent

Valentine's Day is the perfect opportunity to spoil your dog, but even more so if they are your one and only true love. For many single dog parents, they are their significant other, roommate, companion, furry child, and yes, sometimes even a great excuse to stay in on a Friday night. Our explorer Amy is a rocking single pawrent to Angus.We all know having a puppy can be hard work, but it's even tougher to manage when you're on your own. She shares her top tips on what to expect when having a puppy as a single dog mum.

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