Lily’s Kitchen – Fit for a Royal Pooch

Petlife18 was incredible, but the part that REALLY had our tail wagging at the festival was the fun filled Lilyland from Lily’s Kitchen. 

Lilyland, from Lily’s Kitchen was a particular highlight of ours at PetLife18. Almost like our dogs very own Disneyland. They had a dog’s diner where they served up some of their famously naturally nourishing food and plenty of fun and games on the Green to win lots of tasty treats and prizes.

They also served plenty of information nuggets about pet nutrition, and we especially loved the look of their home food recipe book (the food in the book looked good enough even for us humans to try).

Fit for a Royal Pooch

Times are changing, and we’re becoming more and more doted to our fur-babies. At Dog Furiendly, we believe every pooch should be treated like a prince, princess, regal beagle or stately hound.

To celebrate the upcoming Royal wedding, Lily’s Kitchen have a deal that really takes the crown with a whopping 20% off. If your pup loves Lily’s now is the time to stock up.

Our favourite buys

Crispy Pork Bites

Utterly irresistible, complementary pork treats for dogs. In fact, co-founder James found himself munching on these himself while we were wandering around PetLife. We love finding new exciting treats for our pooch. These are made using the best pork rind and cooked by hand until puffed to perfection.


Natural Snack Bars Trio for Dogs

Like a human breakfast bar. These snacks are perfect for busy dogs on the go, and they can be fed as a meal replacement, keeping your pup ultra-nourished – any time, anywhere. Three flavours to choose from. One is filled with red berrys, aptly names Berry Boost. Another is called Sun Shiny Day filled with all things yellow, bananas, sunflower seeds and dandelion roots. The other is called Eat your Greens, with all things green including kale and green apples. 


Breakfast Crunch

Your pups very own breakfast cereal – yum yum! They say breakfast is the most important part of the day, and of course, the same goes for your pooch. These toasted nuggets of deliciousness are made with lots of freshly prepared turkey meat, with chicken livers, yoghurt, berries, bananas, sunflower seeds and oats. The perfect way for your furry pal to start the day.


Sunday Lunch

Why should your pooch get left behind on a Sunday while your tucking into a meaty Sunday lunch? Your dog will love being served their very own handsome helping with this delicious recipe. It’s made using fresh chicken and vegetables, a comforting, cosy dish that’s perfect to come home to after a lovely, long walk with the family.


Our Chief Doggy Officer Charlie celebrated his birthday this weekend and tucked into all of those treats mentioned above. He’s usually pretty fussy, but gobbled them all right up. Charlie will definitely be making use of this code this weekend. Will you?

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