Those who don’t know about Cheshire Oaks, it is a shopping outlet with plenty of designers there, it also has numerous amounts of food places too! It can get very busy on bank holidays and Saturdays in general so i would advise going first thing, especially with a dog! It is totally indoors but it is covered, but with lots of people, it can be annoying when you have a dog too!

Cheshire Oaks has always been dog friendly outside, however, recently they’ve now become dog friendly inside! It is management discretion of each shop whether they allow dogs or not, but 90% do! To make it easy, there is the same sticker easily visible on the front of the shop to say if they are dog friendly. If they are, there is a sticker, if they aren’t, there isn’t! Makes is very simple to identify!

Most of the high end designer shops (Mulberry, Ralph Lauren) aren’t dog friendly but if you’re dog is well behaved, just walking and browsing is great exercise for them, mental stimulation and fun for humans too! Majority of food places are dog friendly too!

I would advise taking your own water though, there is one water stop and some shops (Bodyshop especially) have a small dog bowl out but not a lot else out! I would also advise plenty of time, shop staff love dogs and happily fussed every place we went in to!

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