• Pepper&Chip
    29/01/2022 at 6:35 pm

    The humans were given a Laki Kane rum tasting voucher for Christmas, and were excited to redeem it once things re-opened after lockdown. They had heard they were a dog friendly bar, so when booking the experience they enquired if it was possible to bring their small dog (Pepper!) with them too. The person dealing with them over email confirmed this was no problem and they looked forward to welcoming us!

    The day of our booking came and we made the journey across London to the bar in Islington. When we arrived we were first greeted by the host who told us due to it being Sunday Brunch service we weren’t allowed in with our dog due to food currently being served. We had explained we had confirmed this at booking (and showed the email proof). We were left to awkwardly stand in the doorway whilst they sorted it out in the manager.

    We were eventually told they would let us in and sat us down. The bar inside is quite small and tables are very close together. We were given a small nook with a bird cage chair for the humans to share so we had to keep Pepper in her bag on the floor under the table. Inside the bar was kept dimly light so was quite dark so wasn’t the most comfortable setting for her.

    We were given our self guided rum tasting experience which we enjoyed. However once we had finished we struggled to get the attention of any staff for additional drinks so we decided to leave as our experience was already prepaid.

    Unfortunately the way we were initially treated on arrival really put at damper on our visit and left a sour taste in our mouths.

    We had visited this bar several times prior to owning a dog and enjoyed our visits there so would recommend as a venue especially if you are into the tiki vibe but perhaps its best to leave the furry ones at home!






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