Sheldon Country Park

Sheldon Country Park


Short/medium walk through the Country Park

There is a viewing area with benches as you reach the back of the airfield. If you know someone who likes to spot planes then this location is great as you are next to Birmingham International. The area is popular with those wanting to watch flights arrive and take off.

If you are lucky you may even see the locals that walk their pet pigs. A lot of people have bumped into them over that way but I’m yet to see them myself.

You can walk all the way to Marston Green If you wish.

Car park on site

There is also a farm next to the car park which would be good for the little ones. Ive not visited myself though.

No toilets or cafe that I am aware of.

Jan 03, 2020
Very Good

Amazing park!

We have just been to this park for the first time (for the dog walk) and I am amazed at how stunning it is! The dogs have a massive amount of space to run around and we even let our 16 week old pup off the lead (knowing she has good recall). She was absolutely loving it with the other dogs and the vast amount of space to let off some energy. There are many large puddles (some pools) and the place is very open and secure! Haven't experienced the service yet but the park is great for those who love airplanes (like me). At the top of the park, you are literally right next to the airport! When we were on the walk, we saw at least 3 planes fly past us and 1 take off. Definitely be going again!

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