Milo's Dog Friendly Day Out to Harlech Castle

Milo’s Dog Friendly Day Out to Harlech Castle

By @anoptimisticadventure

This weeks guest blog comes from Milo the lovely Collie-Whippet cross who turned six this month! Happy birthday Milo! Milo enjoyed his birthday with a dog friendly day out to Harlech Castle.


Happy birthday Milo!

Last weekend, we celebrated my last Sunday as a 5-year old by having a tour of North Wales (more on my mum’s blog).

Harlech Castle

My favourite stop has to be Harlech Castle! The sun was shining when we arrived. The castle is more sheltered than other places, meaning mum could take more photos (which is apparently a big deal!). We weren’t entirely sure if dogs were allowed in the castle grounds but as we got out of the car, a little sausage dog crossed the drawbridge.

Dogs are even allowed in the gift shop!

Dogs are free to visit the Cadw ground for free! As long as they are well behaved, especially walking through the gift shop. Mum sometimes gets nervous about my tail because it goes out of control when I get excited! Dad often laughs at me when my tail hits me in my own face!

Full of history

Harlech castle has amazing panoramic views of Snowdonia and the beautiful Welsh coast making it one of the most popular castles in North Wales. I even got to watch a short film about the castle. Here is what I learned:

  • Harlech castle was built for Edward I by 1000 men!
  • One of the finest examples of the late 13th century in Europe! (Can’t you see why!)
  • · The name Harlech translates to ‘High Top’, quite fitting since it is built on top of a cliff.
  • · The sea used to come right up to the castle, now replaced by Harlech golf club and sand dunes.

The pawfect place to explore

I really enjoyed walking around the castle, seeing what the remains of the rooms used to be and the view from the top, looking down at the people exploring.

The new visitor’s centre has its own cafe, fuel yourself to follow your trip to the castle with a walk through the village. Beside the castle, you will see the impressive castle perched on the hill, from where the sea would have been.

If you love dog friendly welsh castles take a look at my post on Penrhyn castle here and please feel free to post your suggestions below to inspire my next adventures as a now 6-year-old!

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