Milo’s Top 5 Dog Friendly Finds

By @anoptimisticadventure

This weeks guest blog comes from Milo the lovely Collie-Whippet cross! Milo and his Mum run a blog called An Optimistic Adventure check it out and read up on some of their dog friendly adventures. 

My names Milo, I’m a collie-whippet cross (I think). I’m a rescue dog, I was found under a caravan and taken in to my forever home by my Mum @anoptimisticadventure who says I’m the best thing to happen to her (don’t tell my dad that bit).

My mum’s a travel blogger, she says ‘life’s an adventure’ and anywhere she can take me, has a big thumbs up from her. I love exploring new places and my mum gives me treats when she posts a picture of me for payment (can you believe I used to hate having my picture taken? Think of all those sesame seed beef snacks I’ve missed out on!)

We live in Wales and have found so many dog friendly places! I would like to share them with all the other furry friends who have a passion for Wales’ beauty.

Bodnant allows dogs in their beautiful gardens every day from November to March and then Wednesday evenings in the summer (but rumour has it the National Trust are changing this to every day too). Bodnant gardens look different every time I visit, from the red trees in autumn to the golden archway in spring, it’s stunning and definitely a sight for sore eyes.

The newer part of the garden is my favourite, the walk to the ‘far end’ past the champion trees and along the river to boathouse which is so tempting to jump in that I shake with excitement, but mum says i’m not allowed. It didn’t seem to be a problem when I slipped on the stepping stones, belly flopped into the river leaving mum and dad wetting themselves with laughter.

Few people are aware dogs are allowed here, it’s such a treat to enjoy the famous National Trust site!

This castle is one of my favourites. I loved exploring the ruins, climbing the stairs up the highest tower were scary but the view from the top was well worth it. We visited here in the summer and had a picnic beside the moat. It was amazing how intact the castle still was. We walked through over the drawbridge, around the moat, through the great hall and even into the kitchen with small ‘ovens’ where they used to make the bread.

With miles of sandy beach, waves to jump over and other dogs to meet what’s not to like about Talacre beach. We stayed up late one evening as the sky was pink and mum said it was going to be a lovely sunset. Talacre has a nice-looking lighthouse but mum won’t go up to it because it’s supposed to be haunted by an old man with a broken heart. It was for sale for £100k in 2011, I’d quite like to live in it but mum says it would be without her.

Last summer we had a few holidays in the UK rather than going abroad. One of the benefits was they got to take me! The chicken shed is dog friendly, modern and sleeps 8 people. We went with my dad’s family, spent the days walking and the evenings around the fire pit which made me sleepy (and stink apparently). For more about the chicken shed, visit

This is our “regular” Friday night pub. In the summer, i can enjoy their large beer garden and in the winter, our favourite seat is by the fire. The owners love dogs and I think they are trying to fatten me up with the amount of treats they give me. They have lots of festivals here, I’m allowed to those too! it makes it more enjoyable for mum and dad as they are not having to rush or worry about what I’m chewing at home.

I hope I’ve inspired some of your owners to take you to these places.

Please visit my mums blog for more dog friendly sites in Wales.
Milo x

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