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Spotify Playlists To Soothe Your Dog On Bonfire Night

To help take the stress away for pups who are frightened of fireworks, we’ve teamed up with doggy sleep specialists Ralph & Co, to compile a series of playlists for dogs. We invite you to draw the curtains to muffle the sound, create a ‘den’ or safe space for your dog, and crank up the music with one of our three playlists.

Playing music is one of the many ways to help mask the noise of fireworks. In fact, scientists have proven that there are particular music genres which help to soothe our pets and combat the distress caused to our pets.

A study by the Scottish SPCA and the University of Glasgow revealed that Reggae, Soft Rock and Classical all had a soothing effect on dogs and that “stress levels decreased significantly after listening to the music.” Using the research, we’ve created a series of mixtapes for dogs including soft rock ‘Rock and Roll Over’, classical movie scores ‘Pass the Pupcorn’ and a range of reggae tunes ‘Bob Marley and Me’.

Each song has been picked carefully to ensure there’s no surprising noises, and no downtime in the soundtrack. However, we recommend changing your advanced settings on Spotify to include a crossfade of around 10 seconds.

Bob Marley & Me

Muffle the sounds of bonfire night with these Jammin’ reggae tunes. Your pooch will soon be dreaming of Kingston Town.

Rock n Roll Over

Is your pooch Bad to the Bone? Soothe your pups during the Firework season, with these soft rock hits

Grab The Pupcorn

Who needs to enjoy fireworks when you have this playlist of cinema classics on your paws. Pop this playlist for dogs on and help your pooch to rest and relax.

Ain't Nothin But A Sound Dog

“Nice and Easy”. General music playlist for dogs that has been scientifically made to help them rest and relax.

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