Mr Beefy’s Dog Friendly Adventures in Abergavenny

Mr Beefy’s Dog Friendly Adventures in Abergavenny

By @mrbeefy_bulldog

This week’s guest blog comes from our Explorer Jadie and her lovable pooch Mr Beefy. Beefy went on a dog friendly adventure to Abergavenny, visiting plenty of new places. Beefy shares his adventures below.


Hiya, I’m Beefy!

I’m a one year old, handsome British Bulldog pup from Wales. I love adventures, walkies with my pack and entering dog shows. Me and my pawrents are always visiting dog friendly places, hopefully we can inspire you and your pooch to do the same. Click here to check out our favourite dog friendly listings.

This weekend we went on an adventure to Abergavenny! Who knew there were so many dog friendly places to explorer? Check out my recommendations below.

Monday mornings

Monday Mornings are meant for snoozing and lazing around! Well not this Monday! Mum had other plans. She got herself ready while I ate my breakfast and had a play with my squishy toys. She got my things together and put on my striped harness. I took my seat in mams car, and we set off to my favorite Auntie’s house to pick her up!

We set off on our adventure to the small welsh town of Abergavenny. Today we were on the hunt for dog furiendly shops, cafes & other cool things!

The first place we spotted was a very nice cafe called, The Trading Post. It had a huge sign in the window saying paws welcome. (This made my tail wiggle with joy) We took some quick snaps of my handsome face outside and off we went again. On my travels we came across a retro looking sign on the wall, mam said I had to have my picture taken. She’s rather strange sometimes, I don’t understand her doings.

Mr Beefy’s Dog Friendly Adventures in Abergavenny

Dog Furiendly Shopping

We had a stroll through town searching for other shops and we were stopped buy a family with a pug! I love pugs, they’re my favorite doggies! I think it’s because of my love for my cousin, Finn the Pug!

We then found our first dog furiendly shop! It was a bookstore called Waterstones! I had never been in a bookshop before. It smelt delicious in there. I had thoughts about chewing all the yummy pages of the books. Mamma bought a book, I hope she’s saving it for me back at home, when I can have a good chew on it!

At this point I was getting rather hungry, so we decided to head into a cute dog furiendly coffee shop called Coffee #1. We were told we could sit upstairs, I was rather happy about that as I could claim the coffee shop my kingdom and look over all my human servants! Mum & Auntie Shauna ordered they’re frappe things I think they were called. How dare they not order me anything, so I thought, “Right, that’s it! I’ll help myself to auntie Shauna’s cream”. It was so delicious, mum and auntie found it so funny! If daddy was here this would never of happened.  He doesn’t let me have anything yummy. He says I have to watch my weight otherwise ill have to go to the gym with him and I don’t want that! I hate lots of exercise.

Mr Beefy’s Dog Friendly Adventures in Abergavenny

Abergavenny is super dog furiendly!

Back out onto the streets of Abergavenny, we continued our hunt for more shops! We found Mountain Warehouse where the staffs were very friendly and very happy to see my handsome face. Mam didn’t want anything in the shop, she doesn’t like exercise either so didn’t need any of the hiking gear. I think she just likes showing me off.

In conclusion to my trip to the town of Abergavenny. There are lots of cafes that welcome pooches like me, and also a few shops! Definitely worth a visit but make sure your hoomans buy you a puppacino at the coffee shops!

Catch you all again soon on my next adventure!

Mr Beefy’s Dog Friendly Adventures in Abergavenny

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Where’s your favourite dog friendly town in the UK? Comment below!

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  1. Claire Morris October 30, 2018 Subscriber

    Love reading Mr Beefys adventures. Wonder where hes going to go next ? xx

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