Mr Beefy’s First Dog Furiendly Holiday to Scotland!

Mr Beefy’s First Dog Furiendly Holiday to Scotland!

By @mrbeefy_bulldog

This week’s guest blog comes from our Explorer Jadie and her lovable pooch Mr Beefy. Beefy went on his first BIG holiday to Scotland last weekend experiencing many new smells, sights and sounds travelling from place to place. Beefy shares his many adventures below.


Hiya, I’m Beefy!

I’m a one year old, handsome British Bulldog pup from Wales. I love adventures, walkies with my pack and entering dog shows. Me and my pawrents are always visiting dog friendly places, hopefully we can inspire you and your pooch to do the same. Click here to check out our favourite dog friendly listings.

Me and my pawrents went on a BIG adventure last weekend, to Scotland. We had the time of our lives, check out our adventures below.

Our Journey to Scotland

Mam and dad woke me up with a big crash and bang. I didn’t know what they were doing but they disturbed my dreams of chasing squirrels! I asked Mam with curious eyes what was going on? She told me that we going on our holidays! It all sounded very exciting.

As I was eating my breakfast, I was rudely interrupted by being bundled into the car and dropped of at my favourite Auntie Shauna’s. A few hours later Mam and Dad picked me up but in a strange big house on wheels! It even had a cosy bed for me to snooze on. Horray! We began our journey to Scotland, my first big Holiday!

We had a very long drive and I watched the roads and mountains pass by, we eventually stopped for a pit-stop at the services.

Dad went inside and I was upset that he had been gone for more than 3 minutes, it felt like forever. Mammy stayed with me but got her camera out and was taking photos in my face again, I hate that thing, it stops me being close to Mam so I cant give her kisses. When Dad came back we had a little walk and I mets some other doggy friends, two Boston Terriers, one was called bear, he didn’t look like a bear to me though he was tiny! It quickly got dark so dad said bed time! I thought you don’t need to tell me twice, and off to sleep we went.


Waking up in Edinburgh

The next day Mam woke me up by shaking my foods bag. I can hear those biscuits a mile away! I ate my breakfast and Mam and Dad told me that today we were driving to Edinburgh. I knew that Edinburgh wasn’t close so I went back to bed for a snooze. Four hours later we arrived at a big castle.

We walked up to the castle and wanted to have a looks inside but we was told that doggies are not allowed. They clearly didn’t know that I’m Mr Beefy.

Dad suggested we go walkies around the town instead. There was a strange man playing a musical bag I’ve never seen before. Mammy told me that they were bagpipes. It turns out I like the bag pipes .We walked some more and looked in shop windows to see if there was any toys for me. Mam gasped and said “we need that” I was so excited, I thought I was getting a new toy or some treats but instead she came out with a silly hat for me to wear. She always dresses me up in silly costumes.

For dinners we went to a dog friendly pub where they have a resident bulldog called Hero! I searched and searched for him but I couldn’t find him anywhere’s. I had my dinners and mam and dad had a liquid lunch. I asked but I wasn’t allowed a beers. So instead I had a nap on a very comfy chesterfield sofas.

Searching for Nessie

After a nap we got back in the house on wheels and drove to see a monster in a lake. I wasn’t scared when mammy told me this I swear! We searched and searched for him but we couldn’t find Nessie anywhere. I was secretly happy we didn’t find him because I was a little scared but Shhh don’t tell Mam! We stayed the night in a campsite called Loch Ness Shores and Mam and dad ordered a take away meal to the van because they’re greedy. Not like me, I have a beautiful beach bod. At 10pm we went to sleeps on the big comfy beds ready for the next days adventures

Day 3 of my holidays started with me being a creative Beef. I helped mamma put on her makeup. Dad told me today’s adventures was to go see a big bridge in the Skye. He forgot to mentions the long drive to get there through spooky mountains! It was so darks and there was no other hoomans for ages! I decided to snuggle up on mammas lap on the passenger seat to protect her from the scary dark mountains and had a snooze for a little while.

Before we got to the bridge we stopped at a castle called Eileen Donan, I didn’t think she looked like an Eileen.

We finally reached the big bridge, we went over the bridge to a small island on the other side, called the Isle of Skye. We had a drive around and came back.

On the way to our next campsite we spotted a huge rainbow. I wanted to get out and follow it to the other end, I’ve been told that at the end of rainbow is big gold pot of foods! Mmmmmmm. I tried barking, licking Mam’s ears and running around but they didn’t stop for me to get the gold pot of food. We got to the campsite and I climbed into bed, hoping to dream about that Gold pot of food at the end of the rainbow.

Hanging with the Coos and the Kelpies

Day 4 started with a walk to see the coos! I loved the coos but they didn’t know what to think of me, they looked a little confused but I was wearing my coo hat that mam bought me. I thought I could blend in with them and see if they would notice, I love being a stealthy sneaky beef.

After seeing the coos we drove to Stirling to see another castle. When we arrived the castle was shuts! Nobody has let me in any of the castles we visited, I thought they must be hiding something good from me in there! Maybe some tasty treats, some really fun toys or maybe even my favorite Auntie Shauna! I didn’t get to have a good looks to find out because Mam suggested going to see some big horses called The Kelpies. The Kelpies were very strange. I thinks the rest of their bodies were buried underground! I inspected them and didn’t come to a conclusions about this but I did pose like one of them for Mam to take photos of me.


The drive back home

We then decided to stop off in Blackpool on the way home so we all got back in the house on wheels. On the way to Blackpools a car pulled up along side us on the motorway with a sign that read ‘your aerial has blown off’ I cant read but I expect it said, “We loves you Mr Beefy, handsome boy!” Mam and Dad started to panics and we had to make an abrupt stop to find the aerial. Dad then climbed on top and stuck the aerial back on and we set off again.

After a longs drive we found a campsite, it was very small and looked like a hoomans garden as there was only 5 pitches. We all settled down for the night and watched TV.

On our last day, we had a super duper long drives home. We got stuck in lots of traffic Mam said, but I slept most of the journey so I didn’t notice. When we got home we had to drop the house on wheels back to the van rental hoomans which made me very sad. I really enjoyed my holidays in the house, it was roomy and had comfies bed. We said goodbye to it and then got into dads van. It was chilly in there and didn’t have beds! I had to sit on the floor in the backs on my own, I was so sads.

We got home and I ran in to greet my sister Minnie the cat! I could tell she missed me loads because she gave me tap on the head. Mam and dad packed away some of our stuffs and my Auntie Shauna came to visit me. She asked me about my holidays and I gave her my best kisses and cuddles.

I really did enjoys my holidays but I think Auntie Shauna should come next time!

I cannot wait for my next holiday!


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Where’s your favourite dog friendly places in Scotland? Comment below!

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    Lovely blog Beefy!

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