Ocean and Bear's Top 3 Beaches in South and West Wales

Ocean and Bear’s Top 3 Beaches in South and West Wales

This weeks guest blog comes from Jessica and her lovely dogs Ocean the rough collie and Bear the cattle dog mix! They are of course one of our favourite Instagram superstars  who are always sharing beautiful photos. They love to spend their weekends on some of Wales best dog friendly beaches. Here is a few of their favourites.   


I’m Jessica from @Sableocean_! I just love to go on beach adventures with the dogs. Of course, we want to share them with all the other furry friends who have a passion for Wales’ beautiful beaches. Here are a few of our favourites.

1 – Freshwater West

Freshwater West, my favourite beach ever. There are so many things about this beach that I love… but I have to the most beautiful thing about this beach is the view. I’ve never seen a beach in the UK quite as beautiful as this beach, which is always great for me as I love to take photos of my dogs whenever I can. My dogs absolutely adore this beach too as there’s usually a few other dogs here but not too many to make them feel a little stressed about it. There are huge sand dunes to run up and down like crazy, and so many fun things to sniff and explore!

2 – Newport Beach

If you’re looking for a nice, quiet and relaxing beach walk with your dog, then Newport Beach is always my first choice. I always bring my dogs here when I want some time to relax. I particularly like to lay down on the sand and just take it all in. My favourite part about this beach is that you can drive on to it. We love to sit in the boot with blankets and watch the sunset together. There’s usually nobody on the beach in the colder seasons, which makes it perfect for training with Ocean and Bear.

3 – Barry Island

If you’re looking for a super social walk, where your dog can have a big run around/play with other dogs and people, Barry beach is the place to be. Not only can you make sure your dog gets the socialisation they need, but there’s also several places to get food, snacks and even play in the arcades which are also dog friendly! After a good walk down the beach and a game of catch me with other dogs, Ocean and Bear are always ready for a long nap on the way home.

I hope I’ve inspired some of you doggy owners to take your pooch to one of these beautiful beaches.

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Jessica, Ocean and Bear x

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