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A dog’s diet is very important, especially if they are active and visiting dog friendly places. What a dog eats will affect its overall health affecting the joints, heart and the immune system. We’ve teamed up with Burns because we know that essential nutrients and tail-wagging adventures are both essential to a long healthy and happy life. 

About Burns Pet Nutrition

Burns Pet Nutrition are a pioneering pet food brand, making a difference. They specialise in using simple, healthy and wholesome ingredients to create award-winning recipes that pets love.
They’ve been at the forefront of the healthy pet food market since the company was founded by veterinary surgeon John Burns in 1993.

Get in touch with the Burns Health and Nutrition Team for individually tailored advice on the right food type and amounts for your dog. At Burns we work to address pet health conditions brought about by unhealthy lifestyle and especially diet. Drawing on the link between health and nutrition, we developed dry pet food that offers the same benefits for your favourite furry friend as simple home-cooked food. 

They’ve won numerous awards, sold over 2 billion bowls of healthy and wholesome pet food to date and continue to support shelters, charities and community projects across the UK.

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