Join Us For A Social Media Detox

According to Smart Insights, we spend an average of 2 hours 27 minutes per day scrolling. That’s the same time it takes to fly to Barcelona! Imagine the extra adventure time we would have with our dogs if we came away from our screens? We’ve teamed up with Paws Enrich Plan to create a social media detox challenge especially for dog owners. Whether you manage your dog’s account full time, or you’re constantly sucked into the fluffy photos of puppies. We’re challenging you to have a weekend away from your phone, while you enjoy every moment with your dog. 

When does it take place?

 It takes place on the the 9th and 10th July. Use the search bar on our website to plan an adventure or two, and take the time out with your pooch to truly enjoy the moments you spend together. Are you up for the challenge? 

How do I take part?

Sign up below to pre-register for the Paws the Scroll detox challenge. Couple of days before the challenge goes live, you’ll receive all the information you need to take part, including a journal template and guide on how to take part. All you have to do, is upload your completed journal to your stories following the weekend of social media detox and tag @dogfuriendly and @pawsenrichplan. 

Sign Up Below

Everyone who signs up for the challenge below, will be entered into a giveaway draw to win a £25 Etsy gift card and a journal from Paws Enrich Plan.

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