Bark Aid: Beach Babe


Win an ‘At The River’ Candle and Room Mist from Dog-About-Town worth £30 and a goody bag from

This category is in aid of IAPWA with fabulous prizes from Dog About Town and! This category is to showcase those who love to explore beaches across the UK.

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To enter this category all photos must be of a dog exploring a beach. Dogs can be either pedigree or cross breed. Judges are looking for dogs with bags of adventure and showing off their personality. Photos must be outdoors on a beach only.

About International Aid for the Protection and Welfare of Animals (IAPWA)

It really is wonderful to know that there are companies out there willing to offer a helping hand during these challenging times. As with many charities around the world, COVID-19 is hitting us hard. Even though the coming months will be challenging for IAPWA, it is lovely to know that everyone is pulling together to help each other (and the animals) as much as possible! Donations will help to keep the wheels turning at IAPWA, ensuring our teams can continue their important work around the globe every single day. No animal should have to suffer because of COVID-19, and together we can ensure that all of the animals in our care receive the support and treatment they so desperately need even during these tough times.


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