Small Dog, Big City- The Cardiff Canine

By @piper_the_cockapoo1

This week’s guest blog comes from our Explorer Milly and her lovable pooch Dizzee. Milly shares the day in the life of a Cardiff Canine! Living in a city with a dog can be quite daunting for some people, places to go, places to walk etc. Milly shares her story of having Dizzee and how having that bundle of fur changes those preconceptions the moment they step into your life.

Small Dog, Big City - The Cardiff Canine - Dog Furiendly

Meet Dizzee

An adventurous, floofy Poochon from Cardiff. Dizzee’s always busy scoping out the latest #furiendlyfind in his city and beyond with his humum Milly. Visit his Instagram for their latest adventures @dizzeedoggierascal.

So I’m going to start off by rewinding back to 1997… My Mother and Stepfather announced the news that we were moving to Wales. Currently located an hour outside of London, the main benefit to the move was that “You and Your Sister will be able to have a Dog”.

As much as this made breaking the news about moving far easier for my parents, this fundamentally set the foundations of me believing that if you lived in a built up area, having a Dog was a No No.

Growing up then in Pembrokeshire we had our first dog Molly (Milly & Molly I know right?!) and we were blessed with beautiful walks, golden sand beaches and quiet surroundings. She was my first love and I knew all I ever wanted in life was to have a Dog by my side.

Small Dog, Big City - The Cardiff Canine - Dog Furiendly

Fast Forward 20 Years to August 2017- my partner came home one day and said “I went to see a man about a Dog today”. We had recently moved into our little house in between Cardiff City Centre and Cardiff Bay and we really felt like something was missing to make our house feel like a home.

Initially the thought of having a Dog living in a City Centre was a bit intimidating- where can we go for walks, beaches the quiet surroundings? But that moment our little bundle of fluff Dizzee came home our lives changed forever…

As we only have a front garden, through spending lots of time out there with Dizzee we met more neighbours than we ever could have imagined. We very much became a centre hub for our neighbours’ children to see Dizzee which was great for his socialisation. I soon had that feeling that where we live in a City was just like my little village growing up- a warm community feel and all it took was having Dizzee to realise this.

Small Dog, Big City - The Cardiff Canine - Dog Furiendly

When the Day came to start walking Dizzee out in the world we began with Cardiff Bay. Now being a Dog Owner you take more notice to ‘Dog Friendly’ signs. Coffi Co on Mermaid Quay had recently opened and when we saw a Dog Bowl outside and ‘Four Legged Friends Welcome’ Signage we were thrilled. This then became our weekend spot for a Bacon Roll and Coffee. But we thought, there must be more places like this? Having followed Dog Furiendly on Instagram I saw the post to become a Dog Furiendly explorer so I applied and was successful! This gave me a new found confidence to ask directly to businesses if they are Dog Friendly rather than looking for that Dog Friendly sign in the window.

Small Dog, Big City - The Cardiff Canine - Dog Furiendly

We then began venturing into City Centre using the existing listings on Dog Furiendly’s website to give us confidence to take Dizzee shopping. This allowed us to discover more #furiendlyfinds. Our favourite Dog Friendly shop is definitely Cath Kidston- they love having dogs instore! Dizzee gets so much fuss from the staff and I have genuinely spent more money than I would normally purely because they are Dog Furiendly. This is a testimony to why more businesses should allow Paws through the Doors.

Not before long we were discovering more #Furiendlyfinds down the Bay- Octavos Book Shop, Caffi Hafren on the Barrage and Pavers Shoe Shop to name a few. Dizzee is on a first name basis with the team in Pavers- I love shoes so this is a dangerous combination but it makes shopping more fun bringing Dizzee along!

Small Dog, Big City - The Cardiff Canine - Dog Furiendly

Looking back, wherever you live shouldn’t stop you from having or believing you can have a Dog. We love being explorers for Dog Furiendly to feel part of a community and share #FuriendlyFinds to other owners. It is great to get involved with events and recently we had an explorer Pup Crawl around Cardiff which was so much fun.

The great thing about living in Cardiff is if we do ever need the Fresh Sea Air or Green Surroundings we are so close to Cosmeston Lakes, Barry Island or the Brecon Beacons. But best of all is taking him on little holidays back to Pembrokeshire to take him to the spots where my love for dogs began.

Small Dog, Big City - The Cardiff Canine - Dog Furiendly

Follow Dizzee’s adventures via Instagram @dizzeedoggierascal

We would love to hear some of your experiences of living with a pooch in the big city.

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