Say Hello To Our 2024 Activity List

We’ve teamed up with Admiral Pet Insurance to create an exciting activity list for dogs, each month packed with budget friendly ideas.

Our must-do activity list empowers dog owners to make the most of their time together and to celebrate each living moment through enriching experiences. This can include things like taking them on a hike, going to the beach, or even just cuddling on the couch. It’s a way to make sure that you spend as much time as possible with your furry friend while they’re still with you. Scroll down to run through our 2024 activity list, or download the journal below to get started.

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Want to follow us through the year as we complete our activity list? We’ve pulled together a check-list and journal so you can document your adventures together. We’ve also included a couple of other ideas should you want to swap and change any from our original 2024 list. Pop your email below to download your activity list journal today.

January - Learn a new trick

The new year is a fantastic time to engage your pup’s mind and teach them a new trick. Start with basic commands like ‘sit,’ ‘stay,’ or ‘lie down,’ and gradually progress to more advanced tricks like ‘roll over,’ ‘high-five,’ or even ‘play dead.’ Patience, positive reinforcement, and tasty treats will be your best allies in this fun training journey. Consider enrolling in a local dog training class if you’re looking for expert guidance.

February - Bake some homemade treats

Show your love through homemade goodies! Baking doggy treats is not only fun but also allows you to control the ingredients, ensuring your pup gets healthy and tasty snacks. There are countless recipes online, from peanut butter biscuits to pumpkin pupcakes. Consider experimenting with different shapes and sizes, and don’t forget to let your dog be the taste-tester-in-chief. It’s a bonding experience that satisfies both your dog’s taste buds and your creative spirit.

March - Explore a new city

Venturing into a new city is like opening a treasure chest of dog friendly discoveries. Before you go, research dog parks, dog friendly cafes, and walking routes. City exploration can be an urban adventure, with opportunities to meet other dog owners and enjoy the sights and sounds of a bustling metropolis. Capture those moments with your furry sidekick in places like London, Bristol, Cardiff or Glasgow 


April - Visit a farm

A day at the farm is not just educational but also loads of fun for your dog. Farms offer a unique sensory experience, from the smell of hay to the sights of various animals. Ensure that the farm you choose is dog friendly and safe for your pup. Let your dog interact with friendly farm animals under supervision. It’s a fantastic way to introduce your furry friend to the wonders of rural life.

May - Go for a walk in a pretty garden

As the blossoms of spring burst forth, consider taking your dog on an enchanting journey through one of the National Trust’s splendid gardens. The National Trust preserves some of the most exquisite historic gardens across the UK, making them ideal destinations for a leisurely stroll with your furry friend.These gardens are not only a feast for the eyes but also a haven for your dog’s senses. The fragrant flowers, vibrant colours, and peaceful ambience create a serene backdrop for your walkies adventure. Check the National Trust website or discover beautiful stately gardens near you using our website. 


June - Go fruit picking

Summer is the perfect time for a fruit-picking adventure. Find a local orchard that allows dogs and embark on a fruity escapade. Not only can you enjoy delicious fresh fruits, but your dog will love the outdoors and the opportunity to explore. Remember to check which fruits are safe for your pup to nibble on and have a delightful picnic together.


July - Watch the sunset

Sunsets are magical, and sharing this moment with your dog adds a special touch. Find a picturesque spot, perhaps by the water’s edge or on a hill with a panoramic view. Pack a blanket, some refreshments for both you and your pup, and enjoy the breathtaking spectacle as the sun sets in the distance. It’s a serene and contemplative way to bond with your furry companion.

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August - Go on a boat trip

For a watery adventure, consider taking your dog on a boat trip. Whether it’s a tranquil river cruise or an exciting coastal exploration, there’s something mesmerizing about being on the water. Ensure the boat you choose is pet-friendly, and remember to bring life vests for both you and your dog for safety. A day on the water is an experience your pup won’t soon forget.

September - Visit a castle

Uncover the history of the UK by visiting a majestic castle with your dog. Many castles allow dogs to roam their beautiful grounds, providing a unique opportunity for exploration. As you wander through courtyards and gardens, your dog can pretend to be a knight or a royal companion. Don’t forget to capture regal photos of your furry friend in this historical setting.

October - Visit a haunted pub

Spice up your October with a visit to a reputedly haunted pub! Many of these old establishments have fascinating ghost stories to tell. Make sure the pub is dog friendly, and keep an eye out for any themed events or spooky decorations. It’s a quirky way to enjoy the Halloween season with your dog and soak in some eerie history.

November - Go to a market

Exploring a bustling market with your pup is a sensory delight. The colourful stalls, enticing aromas, and the hum of activity make it an exciting outing. Ensure the market allows dogs, keep your pup on a leash, and be ready for curious glances and friendly interactions. Whether you’re shopping for fresh produce or unique artisanal goods, it’s an opportunity to support local businesses and create cherished memories with your furry companion.

December - Do something charitable together

The holiday season is the perfect time for giving back. Consider volunteering at a local animal shelter with your dog. You can help care for other animals in need and spread some holiday cheer. Alternatively, look for charity events or dog friendly charity walks happening in your area. It’s a wonderful way to teach your child about the importance of kindness and giving back while creating lasting memories with your four-legged family member.

Dogs can get into all types of mischief when they’re out and about, and we want dog owners to explore dog friendly places with peace of mind. This is why we’re teaming up with Admiral Pet Insurance to ensure you’re supported during any unexpected medical emergency or trip to the vet. Together, we are committed to promoting healthier lifestyles, providing advice and support for every hairy household.


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