Disclaimer Tail Wag to 5K

You accept that you are participating at your own risk and your own free will and that both you and your dog are physically able to participate.

You agree that by participating in the activity that you will take all necessary steps to ensure your safety and the welfare of your animal. Your animal should be kept in sight at all times and strapped via the appropriate equipment when necessary  You remain responsible for the actions of your animal. 

Please note that the minimum age to participate in this activity is 18. Children aged between 14 and 18 can participate but must, at all times, be accompanied by an adult. You must ensure this activity is suitable for you as a human individual before participating. If you are unsure then please seek medical advise before starting any activity.

You accept that Dog Furiendly and all sponsors, partners, volunteers, charities and employees involved directly or indirectly shall not be held liable in connection with any accident, loss, damage or injury, loss or damage (including death) arising out of your or your animal’s attendance or participation in Tail Wag to 5K.

You acknowledge and agree that participation in this activity can be hazardous. There is an inherent risk of physical injury for both human and dog that cannot be eliminated completely, including but not limited to an above-average risk of death and/or serious injury. Knowing this, each participant voluntarily assumes all the risks of participating in the activity and takes full responsibility for any and all damages, liabilities, losses, or expenses incurred to either themselves or their dog as a result of their participation.

Is my dog suitable for this activity?

Please see the below to determine whether or not your dog is physically suitable for this activity.  

Age: If you have a puppy, avoid running until they’re fully developed. This is important for bone, joint and muscle growth/development. Most will stop growing at 9 months, but it’s best to double-check with your vet before you begin. Bigger breeds, for example, Labs, and Great Danes may not be fully grown until the age of 18 months!

Type of breed: Some breeds are not suitable for running, particularly short-nose breeds that are ‘Brachycephalic’ like Pugs, French Bulldogs and British Bulldogs. They often have poorly formed windpipes and narrow nostrils, meaning they’re unable to take in enough oxygen during exercise. Many will also have breathing difficulties. Breeds crossed with a Brachycephalic breed (such as a Puggle, Pug cross Beagle) may have fewer breathing problems, but it’s important to get your vet’s advice.

Size: It’s important to keep your dogs size in mind. Smaller dogs for example may not be able to run at your pace, or for the same distance. For every step you take, their little legs are taking four times as many!

Check-up with the vet: Please get a quick veterinary exam to make sure your dog is suitable and fit enough and free from pain or injuries.

Don’t Push Your Dog: Do not push your dog to run if it’s not suitable for them, or they are not comfortable with it. You could really injure your dog and that’s the last thing we want for our furry friends!

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