The Search Is On For Britain’s Pub Loving Dogs

Dog Furiendly has teamed up with Dogstival to spearhead a photography project that invites people around the UK to submit photos of dogs visiting pubs.

The project, called “Pubs Best Friend” celebrates photos and stories of our tail-wagging nation of dog lovers and Britain’s most treasured institution. Whether dogs are casual visitors, regulars or pub residents.

Dog owners are encouraged to share photos and stories of their dog at the pub using the #pubsbestfriend. An exhibition of photos will be held at Dogstival displaying shortlisted winners at the festival’s very own dog friendly pub, the Muddy Paws Tavern.

One pub loving pup will be crowned the UK’s Top Pub Dog on National Dog Friendly Day on 29th May. 

Arranged by Dog Furiendly, a travel platform for dog owners, the project aims to celebrate our love of dogs and give the hospitality industry a boost. 

Adele Pember, Founder of Dog Furiendly said: “Canine visitors are becoming an asset to many pubs across the country, particularly throughout the recovery of the COVID-19 pandemic and ongoing recession. We believe that man’s best friend has been key to saving so many pubs after the number of dog owners increased to 12.5 million this year.”

“The life of a dog is way too short, and many dogs will spend it waiting for their human to come home from work or the pub. On the other hand, dog owners are torn with guilt. Thankfully, the number of dog friendly places continues to be on the rise and more dog owners are including them in their visits to the pub.”

Dogstival, a festival dubbed “Glastonbury for dogs” is taking place in the iconic Broadlands Estate in Romsey on June 4th and 5th. While most people will be celebrating the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee weekend with a street party, others will be celebrating with man’s best friend. 

Dogstival, is taking place in the iconic Broadlands Estate. That’s right, the estate where Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip spent their honeymoon. Thousands of dog owners and pooches will descend upon the estate.

“During the event, we will be celebrating what it means to be British. What’s more British than combining our love of dogs, with our love of the pub. Dogstival truly encapsulates what it means to celebrate and cherish the moments with your dog, so it’s a fitting place for the pub photos to be displayed.”

Submit your images via social media #pubsbestfriend. The closing date for submissions is the 23rd May 2022. 

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