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Betty and Butch has two stores, one in Chorlton and one in Handforth.

Betty & Butch was established in 2011 by its founders Angel and Paul. The business was founded with a resolute desire to enhance all dogs’ lives – inspired by their adopted dog Duke. Angel nagged Paul to death to get a dog, so inevitably he gave in and a trip to Manchester dogs’ home was set for the next day. Paul stipulated nothing bigger than a Jack Russell – as they walked through the shelter Angel spotted Duke, a Staffordshire Bull cross Doberman lying on the floor of the kennel, he was the only dog not barking and he did not even lookup.

Angel immediately fell in love with him. Paul made him walk around the kennels again but Angel had his mind made up. The home said he was found stray and eating bits of glass that had food on them so he underwent a stomach operation. They also said he would have had to be put down as he was there so long, and he was suffering from depression. Duke slept on a comfy bed that night – it took nearly 3 months for Paul & Angel to get Duke to trust them and his depression took many months to lift fully. Duke enjoyed a full life until his passing at 14 years of age.
Both Angel and Paul owe Duke everything for their determination to get him to good health and the desire to enhance all dogs’ lives. With Duke always at the back of their minds, the team strive to bring you the healthiest food for the Duke in your life.

Both Betty and Butch stores sell a variety of dog essentials and luxuries. They have a large selection of dog beds, coats, leads and collars. They also sell frozen raw food, their own kibble and they have a dog deli – selling lots of tasty raw treats such a buffalo ears, bunny ears and sausages. They also sell toothpaste, dog supplements and shampoo.

Dogs are welcome in both stores, water bowls are provided if you’re a really good boy/girl you might get a treat!