Are the £9.50 Sun holidays dog friendly?

Are the £9.50 Sun holidays dog friendly?

Taking your dog on a dog friendly £9.50 holiday isn’t as straight forward as it seems. Check out our little experience and why it’s so important to read those cheeky T&C’s!

As the summer sun turned into autumn leaves, I started looking for a low-cost, get-away weekend to enjoy with the pooch. I came across The Sun’s £9.50 holiday – “bargain” I thought, but are the £9.50 Sun holidays dog friendly?

So, I began my research. Which of the holiday parks involved in this promotion allow dogs? Which areas are super dog friendly? What places have attractions nearby to keep both the fur baby and niece happy. After much research, plenty of Googling and trawling through Trip Advisor, I decided on the ever so beautiful, Devon

Woolacombe Bay holiday parks are well known for being very dog friendly. The directors of the holiday park are dog owners themselves and understand how difficult it is to holiday with your pooch. They offer a doggy bag on arrival including a bowl, toys, towel, treats and an information pack filled with good walks and dog friendly places. “Perfect” I thought.

So, I continue through with the booking process. The website’s FAQ’s state: “A charge is usually required for taking a dog and payment should be made direct to your holiday park”. Naturally, I assume that this is an add on or an upgrade. Excited that we’ve just booked a bargain holiday I continue Googling “dog friendly Devon”. 

Sneaky Terms and Conditions

A couple of days later I get my booking confirmation through which states.

“All promotional holidays do not allow pets as stated in the terms and conditions in the newspaper. Term 15 does state “Pets are NOT permitted for bookings at any of the parks in this offer.” If you wish to bring a pet then you will need to make a new booking directly with us:”

Yes, I know. Pretty rubbish right?

I quickly phone up to see if we can do anything to bring our little doggo with us. Could we get a refund? No, no refund. They advised that I sell the holiday (which came to £80) online and rebook a holiday with them (which will cost £300). So, not only would I have had to find someone to buy the holiday, but I would have also had to pull together an extra £220?!

Luckily, our little dog Charlie, has a loving ‘second-home’ where he lives when we’re in work or if we have to go away (sadly) without him. So, on this occasion, we had to leave him at home. All that research hasn’t gone to waste though, because it’s all been shared on Dog Furiendly!

So are the £9.50 Sun holidays dog friendly?

Some of them are, but check thoroughly on the Sun’s website if you can bring your dog. There should be a specific booking request available on specific sites at an extra cost. Alternatively, phone the park directly and tell them the holiday you wish to book is a £9.50 promotion.

Those sneaky T&C’s aye?

  • Geri



    Oh yes sneaky indeed I got caught out and ended up paying over double when I went there with my dog. ‘It is dog friendly she said but only if you book direct NOT through Sun Holidays’ and they wer unhelpful and snotty in reception, nice holiday place but would never go again

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