What to Pack For The Dog - Waggiest Weekend

What to Pack For The Dog – Waggiest Weekend

Hey, Charlie Big Ears here! About time they let me write a guest blog right? It’s usually “Charlie pose like this. Charlie sit like this. Stay, stay, staaaaay. Here’s a treat but oh, you can’t have it yet.”

Now don’t get me wrong, I love posing in front of the camera, but I’m not just a pretty face, I’m the Chief of bloody Barketing! Anyway, I digress, and now is my time to shine.

Picture this, the sun shining, lot’s of dog friends by your side, a guided walk in the woods and lots of happy humans. You come back to a thriving campsite, tasty treats, a cosy campfire, games and live acoustic music. Did I mention plenty of treats?! I’m describing the Waggiest Weekend at Top of the Woods. Don’t know what we’re talking about? Click here and take a look!

When my pawrents mentioned they were taking me on holiday, my tail started wagging, and it hasn’t stopped since! After all, I’m a big part of the family! Who wants to stay at home when there’s fun to be had in the great outdoors right?

After I thought about all the treats, walkies and potential bit of bbq meat I could get at the Waggiest Weekend, I started to think about what to take. After all, I’ve been to Top of the Woods once before so this time I could be a little more prepared.

I’m sharing what’s going in my suitcase and what to pack for dog traveling.

1. Collar and Lead

I know, I know – we love to run the fields and jump through the tall grass – but staying on the lead within the campsite is impawtant Dog Furiendly etiquette.

Even if you’re the goodest dog off-lead, the campsite will be filled with lots of our fluffy butts. Some dogs may be slightly nervous or anxious, others may be over-excited. We want everyone to feel relaxed, after all, this is a new place for us with lots of things to get over excited about. Also, if you’re anything like me, I pretend to act deaf if I find a smell way more interesting than my Mam!

A dog screw is also useful to use with a longer lead. You will be able to screw it into the ground in a suitable place, attach us to it and relax fully knowing that we can’t wander off into the woods.

2. Bedding and blankets

A key essential! At the Top of the Woods within the glamping accommodation, our furry paws are not allowed on the fresh white bedding. So be sure to bring a bed to pop by the side of the bed for close comfort.

I’ll be taking my bed from Fido’s Nest

3. Towel

Some of us are mucky pups, fortunately for my Mam I can stand the sight of mud or water. That being said if I get caught in the rain I’m gonna need a bit of drying (while looking very sorry for myself of course). A towel can also be useful if heading to one of the glorious beaches nearby! Also, dog or baby wipes always come in handy for so many things.

4. Water and Food

This seems a little obvious, but us furry kind have to stay hydrated and fed. Especially when we’re having a spot of freaky British sunshine! A travel dog bowl and water holder is definitely an essential in my suitcase. I think my humans picked this collapsable one up at TK Max but they’re easy to find online!

5. Poo Bags

Sorry humans, it’s a dirty job but someone has to do it (usually Dad in our case). Picking up our poo is essential no matter how smelly it is! When staying in a place of beauty such as Top of the Woods, it’s impawtant to keep the site and surroundings clean for the next dogs and humans who visit. We care about looking after our environment, so in my suitcase we’re popping in some biodegradable bags.

6. Toys

We just love to play! Whether it’s a tennis ball or your favourite toy. Not only that, but we also love our home comforts. Having my favourite toy or something familiar on hand helps to create a comforting environment. In my suitcase,, I’ll be taking my lil squeeky monkey and a Charlie sized tennis ball for chasing. Check out one of our previous blogs with some DIY enrichment games you can even create and bring to keep the brain moving. 

Download My Packing Checklist For Your Glamping or Camping Holiday

So there you have it, my packing essentials. Of course there’s lots more things you could take, I’ve included one or two in my downloadable packing checklist. This list is pawfect for those joining us for the Waggiest Weekend, or for anyone camping or glamping this summer.

PHEW! Now, I’m off for a lil snooze and a bite to eat. All this writing is hard work (and I’m totally due a few treats right?). Check out these holiday snaps from our last trip to Top of the Woods!

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