When Piper Met Ramsey: Introducing A New Puppy to the Pack

When Piper Met Ramsey: Introducing A New Puppy to the Pack

By @piper_the_cockapoo1

This week’s guest blog comes from our Explorer Amy and her lovable pooch Piper. Piper has been busy welcoming a new puppy to her pack, Ramsey! Piper shares her experiences of having a new baby pupper.


Hiya, I’m Piper!

I’m a one year old, playful cockapoo pup from Wales. I love adventures, meeting new people and poochies, swimming and my toys Squeaky Octopus, Duck and Lamb. Me and my Mum are always visiting dog friendly places, hopefully we can inspire you and your pooch to do the same. Click here to check out our favourite dog friendly listings.

This month we’ve been welcoming a new baby pupper to the pack, my new brother, Ramsey. Read our experience below.

Where it all began

It all started on rainy Tuesday evening, humum came home from work and took me for a shorter than usual walk. She quickly changed and left the house, left me to hang out with the cats! The absolute cheek of it!

She returned a few hours later, looking quite sad and smelling like another dog. I tried to comfort her but I was also annoyed, how could she leave me for another pup?!?

She rubbed my belly and explained that she had gone to visit a potential baby brother for me, but unfortunately he hadn’t been given the same start to life as me. He wasn’t cared for, or loved, he was bred for a quick buck and though humum wanted desperately to rescue him, she knew that she would be lining the pockets of people who would not learn their lesson that way. People who might continue to breed an array of doggies for money. She also knew that the puppy was sick and wouldn’t have been able to keep up with me and my energy levels, or play fight or enjoy his life as a part of our family. So she left and reported them to the relevant authorities.

Whilst this story of mine is not intended to be a sad one, it also brought to light how many puppies and their mums out there are treated poorly to order to make quick money for some people and why rescue centres and responsible breeders are so important.

Humum had been looking into adoption from a rescue centre, but each doggie she enquired about had luckily found their forever home and there did not appear to be any that the centres deemed a good fit for our family of me, humum and the two cats (Hugo and Willow).

Humum’s sadness didn’t last too long, she has always kept in regular contact with my breeder and the next day she went to pay her a visit as apparently the breeder had a 9 week old boy left, who no-one had yet wanted.


Hello Mini Me

A few hours passed and humum returned home, she showered me with all the love and kisses and I (as always) returned the favour. My nan was with her and carrying something that I couldn’t quite make out. Humum led me to the back garden and my nan popped the little bundle on the floor. It was like looking at a photo, it was a mini-me!

I sniffed him, walked around him, he pawed and me and started to play. We had a game of chase around the garden before he was scooped back up by my mum, who bent down to cuddle me at the same time.

My nan left, but the bundle remained. That’s when humum sat as all on the sofa (cats included) and explained that the bundle was called Ramsey and he was our new little brother- she even told me that he is actually my half sibling as we share the same dad!


Now a Big Sister

Humum told me that I was now a big sister and had to teach Ramsey right from wrong. I wasn’t sure if I was up to the task, especially if that meant sharing my toys and food!

Humum set about settling us into a routine at meal times, and having Ramsey around has actually made me less fussy- I know gobble down my food like it’s going out of fashion (mainly because he’s a greedy so and so and if I don’t eat it straight away, then he will!)

At first I was a little weary that he was staying, I enjoy when my furiends come the visit but usually they go home and I go back to being the centre of attention. Our trick training went back to basics, things I learnt to do over a year ago! Ramsey just wasn’t understanding the basic commands, so I showed him and earnt myself lots of easy treats!

I was still unsure about sharing my toys, each toy Ramsey picked up I realised I wanted! So I kept taking them off him and making a den of my special toys in my bed. Humum then took all the toys away and started introducing a few at a time and getting us to play together. I am getting use to this sharing malarkey, but it’s not all it’s cracked up to be!

Aside from tricks, Ramsey is also not so good at toilet training. The awful pads are back in the house, but he seems to miss them every so often, so I took on the big sister role and showed him how to use the puppy pads. Humum wasn’t overly pleased with me doing this, so I stopped as I hate to make humum sad.

Suddenly we started having lots of visitors! Humum wouldn’t let them meet Ramsey until they had made a fuss of me- the way it should be, this made me happy because I shouldn’t be forgotten just because Ramsey is the new kid on the block! He needs to learn his place in our pack.

The first week or two I would get quite grumpy with Ramsey as he always wanted to play and would jump on my head when I was sleeping. But about two weeks in, something changed. Ramsey was finally allowed to join us on our walks and I realised that having a little brother isn’t as bad as I first thought. Yes I have to share my toys and now humum cuddles us with one hand each and trick training is back to basics for the most part when Ramsey is joining us, but when humum is at work I now have someone to constantly play with (the cats only play when it suits them) and on walks it’s a lot more fun to chase a ball when someone else to also trying to catch it! (I’m the faster sibling still!)

Ramsey has a lot to learn, he had to go to the vets the other day for swallowing something that he shouldn’t. But I think I suit being a big sister quite well and humum says she is so proud of me.

It may have been a change for me at first, but humum was patient and now when Ramsey jumps on my head I’m ready for playtime, or if he’s sleepy I give him a good lick to make sure he’s clean. As far as little brothers go, I’ve got a good one and Ramsey wasn’t chosen from his litter straight away because he was always meant to be a part of our family.

Merry Woofmas Everypawdy

We wish you all a very Merry Woofmas and remember, new puppies take a lot of patience and time for everyone to adapt to the change in dynamics but it’s worth the wait! A dog is for life and not just for Christmas and please look out for irresponsible breeders- every pooch deserves a younger sibling that can enjoy life to the maximum, together! Which Ramsey and I will, so we hope humum is prepared as now she will have two muddy cockapoos to deal with after our adventures!

Piper and Ramsey
Dog Furiendly Explorers x

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  1. Irene Williams December 21, 2018 Subscriber

    A lovely story on how to welcome a new puppy to the existing pack.

  2. TomHarperPhotography December 21, 2018 Furiend

    Another woofderful blog by my favourite explorers! I’m so excited to watch Ramsey grow into your “Big” brother, Piperoni!
    Have a lush first Woofmas together with your humum x x x

  3. Hatti February 3, 2019 Subscriber

    Love the story! Beautifully written description of welcoming a new pup home 😄

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