Why Councils Should Relax The Annual Dog Beach Ban

Why Councils Should Relax The Annual Dog Beach Ban

Today, we’ve launched a petition, urging local authorities to relax the annual dog beach restrictions to help curb the possible spread of the coronavirus.

Despite the current coronavirus pandemic, many councils across the UK will continue to impose annual restrictions for dog walkers from 1st May. We believe these restrictions should be lifted over the coming weeks and here are just a few reasons why.

Limited Dog Walking Spaces

These beach restrictions will limit suitable dog walking spaces within our communities. Not everyone has access to local green spaces which means they are forced to find other places to walk the dog.

If there are nearby parks open, or if dog owners are forced to walk on the promenade this may create overcrowding with following difficulties when it comes to social distancing.

In addition to this, there are other factors that already contribute to limited spaces include other Public Spaces Protection Orders (PSPOs) and hundreds of privately owned parks, such as the National Trust which are closed. We believe all PSPOs should be relaxed to ensure dog owners have access to adequate dog walking spaces.

Unnecessary travel

Under current Government restrictions to tackle the virus, dog owners may leave their home to walk the dog as part of their one hour per day, exercise. The walk should be local and with no unnecessary travel.

Without a relaxation of beach restrictions, some dog walkers may feel they have to travel to exercise their dog and protect their welfare. Lifting the beach ban will keep dog walkers exercising within their immediate communities.

No Recreational Use

Outside of the pandemic, we recognize (but don’t necessarily agree) that the purpose of the beach ban is to ensure the safety and comfort of all those who visit for pleasure. In some areas, it’s also to improve water quality, allowing beaches to improve their Blue Flag status. However, those who would normally visit the beach for pleasure or for activities should be at home staying safe.

While we’re going through the pandemic, beaches should continue to be kept open for dog owners to exercise comfortably.

Suppawt our Petition

It’s clear that the members of our community feel strongly about this. We want to ensure we’re supporting and helping as many people in our community as possible during Bark Aid. So to rally public support, we have launched a petition, aiming to relax the upcoming dog beach ban and make noise in the relevant local authority areas.

Leave your comments and thoughts with us below. To find out more information and to sign the petition visit: http://chng.it/rvmjRBSc

  • Ann Headen

    Ann Headen


    I agree the dog ban should be lifted in these unprecedented times, otherwise due to overcrowding on promenades and paths, we are likely to see an increase in the number of Covid 19..

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