Why You Should Apply To Be A Dog Furiendly Explorer

Why You Should Apply To Be A Dog Furiendly Explorer

Have you heard? We’re looking for special humans and dogs to join the pack and become Dog Furiendly Explorers!

Explorers help and inspire other dog owners in the canine community to find and share dog friendly places. They are the beating heart of our community.

There’s plenty of reasons to apply and be part of the pack, so we’re rounding up the top 4 reasons often shared by our Explorers.

Helping Dog Owners Across The UK

Explorers are a thriving pack of individuals whose sole aim is to inspire other dog owners with new adventures. Collectively we want to encourage other dog owners to fill their dog’s little world right up, with plenty of fulfilment, memories and enrichment.

By becoming an Explorer, you’ll be adding your favourite places to the website and writing reviews. By doing this, you’ll be helping other dog owners to find and plan adventures locally, or if travelling from afar. Your local knowledge and realistic reviews can give another dog owner so much insight when it comes to dog friendly travel.


Meet Like-Minded Dog Owners

You will have the opportunity to meet so many inspiring dog owners all striving towards the same goal. You and your dog’s social circle will grow so much bigger, you’ll make plenty of friends and trust us, you’ll get plenty of love on Instagram.

Some of our current Explorers have been able to meet regularly for dog walks, others have created events together while a few have travelled further afield to meet and stay with others so they can visit a new city together!


Opportunity To Get Free Stuff

Being an Explorer, you get out what you put in. The more engaged you are in the community, the more points you get – and you know what points mean? Prizes! We have some very exciting incentives coming up for 2020.

Already in 2019, Explorers have enjoyed dog friendly holidays in return for writing travel based blogs, food and drink in cafes and pubs in return for reviews and even free products for the dog to snap a social media post. We’ve also given away tickets to events, tech products such as Furbos, and more.

Explorers with the most points will get Explorer of the Month with their very own cartoon avatar too.


You Get To Plan Regular Group Walks

You’ll have the opportunity to organise local dog walks. Again, another way to meet new people locally, create new friendships for both you and the dog. Not only will you get incentives from Burns Pet Food, but your pooch will never be short of a play date after these!

Explorers who have organised dog walks have even gone on to create an array of events such as Easter Egg Hunts, Pizza Pawties and more.

How to Apply?

Applications are now open and will close at midnight on January 1st 2020. To apply applicants will have to complete a short application form online.

The selection panel is looking for motivated humans and dogs with personality who has a passion for helping others and a love of travel and adventure.

Join The Pack and Apply Today

To sign up for the op-paw-tunity of a lifetime visit dogfuriendly.com/explorer.

Applications close at midnight on the 5th January.

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    Can’t think of a single reason not to apply! Who doesn’t love a supportive dog community helping others!

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