A Cosy Cabin Getaway in Herefordshire

A Cosy Cabin Getaway in Herefordshire

This week’s guest blog comes from our Explorer’s Bongo, Hatchi and their lovely human Dion.

They went on a Christmas getaway to Herefordshire in the cosiest cabin! Curling up by the fire, exploring the great outdoors and the most important of all precious family time. Read their adventures below.

Woof! We are here to tell you all about our Christmas Adventure in Kingsland, where we stayed in the most incredible accommodation with nothing surrounding us other than fields of green.

It’s called The ‘Hedgehog Hall’ and can be found on Canopyandstars.co.uk

Ever since we left, our tails have been wagging in excitement to share this rustic country living, Nordic style cabin with you so you can bark the word to your humans!

Don’t pant, even though it sounds very dreamy and a million miles away from normality,  it’s not that far away, it’s in Herefordshire! Which makes it all the better,  not only do you have the pawfect accommodation to soak up, but you also have miles of beauty to uncover.

As every woof knows, Herefordshire is the place to be when you’re a lover of the outdoors, country pub enthusiast and log fire fanatic.

Our human took us to this cabin over Christmas which was extra special, the friendly owner Bridget had even gone out of her way to forage decorations from the surrounding area. We opened our presents from Santa Paws to the sound of the dawn chorus and ate our Turkey dinner in front of a roaring fire.

Not forgetting that we had our very own bird watching window in the door, which my human said was a bit of a nuisance as I was always barking at the locals, but she said she didn’t mind as she could see that my tail was wagging frantically with joy.

Going back to being a lover of the outdoors, we stumbled across some great dog furiendly walks in the local area, including Mortimer Forest, which provided us with endless scents to follow and tracks to take.

As if the cabin wasn’t enough of a gem, the surrounding area proved to be quite a hit too! There are some lovely dog furiendly pubs, restaurants, walks, cafes and even castles. You can find some of them listed on the website!

Make sure you tell your humans about this pawfect place because if you don’t, you’re missing out on big opportunities; watching wild pheasants, forming friendships with the local sheep, finding mole holes, getting muddy in the fields, spotting squirrels and last of all getting to see your humans smile because they also have the chance to kick back and relax while soaking in the hot tub, at least that’s what I think they called it? Strange but they seemed to love it

Bark it from the rooftops and get your top dollar collar and lead ready! Your going to love Kingsland!

Say Woof to Bridget from us,
Hatchi, Bongo and Humans.

Follow Bongo and Hatchi’s adventures via Instagram @pawsruffinaround_

Have you and your pooch been on a getaway holiday? We would love to hear your stories below.



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    This is such a cute place! sounds like you guys had a pawtastic time!!!

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