Our Experience with Dog Photographer Tom Harper

Our Experience with Dog Photographer Tom Harper

We all love taking photos of our dog, until the memory on our phone can’t take no more. Holding a treat in the one hand, a smart phone in the other, capturing several blurry blobs and one little gem. Now, don’t get me wrong, we all love that little gem and those blurry blobs, (I have hundreds of Charlie on my phone which I refuse to delete) but do you truly cherish them? A professional dog photographer will capture every detail of their character and personality which you will treasure fur-ever. We had the full experience from Tom Harper Photography, which we’ve been wagging our tails to share with you. 

Lights, Camera, Action

We met Tom Harper last weekend for our mini shoot at the Cwmbran Big Event. Our pup Charlie had been out for a long walk. Usually at this point he’s ignorant and doesn’t tend to co-operate when it comes to photos. Even when he’s refreshed and ready to pose he likes to show me up. Tom gave us both a super warm welcome and quick run through on how the mini-shoot was going to run.

When we got Charlie photo-ready, I thought ‘Charlie’s not going to look at the camera, he’s going to show me up again’. How wrong was I?! Tom has an amazing knack for making some incredible noises to get the dogs attention. Charlie was doing his cute little head tilt, perking his ears up, flopping his ears down – all the things I dream for him to do when I’m taking photos at home on my phone.

Little poser

Tom took several photos of Charlie, allowing me to preen him throughout. He even had plenty of treats for me to bribe him with. I always knew Charlie was a poser, but watching him pose on Tom’s command of weird and wonderful noises was just fascinating to watch. Tom must have been part of a pack in a past life.

The mini-shoot was done and dusted in around 5 minutes. After lots of laughs and brilliant chat, we were told the next steps of the process and went about our day.

Making The Magic Happen

From here, the rest of the process was a walkies in the park. All we could do was wait for Tom to do his magic. With the quickest turnaround, we received a secret online gallery of the very best photos he took from our session.

We were given a credit code to select the prints, or digital downloads we wanted, and also the opportunity to order and pay for any extras. There were so many photos we wanted that me and my husband must have changed our mind at least 6 times throughout the day when selecting the few. However we felt safe in the comfort that the gallery is active for 3 months, so if we wanted to buy one we desperately wish we had picked, we could go back.

So Why Get Professional Photos?

It’s a sad fact of life that we nearly always outlive our furry friends. They are taken from us far too soon and we’re left with thousands of images on our phone wishing we owned something more meaningful that recognises their special life with you. It’s such a treasure to have these photos of Charlie and they will always be a wonderful reminder of how special he was to our family for years to come.

The results speak for themselves, the quality and beauty captured in Tom’s professional photos are perfection. We’ve had professional photos of Charlie before, but nobody has ever captured his cheeky demeanour like Tom has. He captures not only your dogs physical details, but their personality, their character and their story.

Where can I get a mini-session?

DogFest Bristol – 23rd June
Pontypool Party in the Park – 14th July

Tom covers all of South Wales (and beyond if travel expenses are covered). He includes travel fees within a 10 mile car journey (20 mile round trip) within the session fee. Additional mileage is charged at 45p per mile.

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