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This blog comes from our lovely Explorers Natasha, Jasper and Effie from Derbyshire. Jasper the Jackapoo is a social, outgoing dude who is a shining example that little dogs can do everything big ones can do too! Effie is an Australian Kelpie mix with super high energy who loves her ball and running. This week they took a visit to a very dog friendly town called Bakewell. Bakewell is best known for its unique and delicious pudding, but it also has many more tempting treats to offer, especially for dog owners. Natasha shares their adventures below.

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m a bit of a crazy dog lady! Which means I see my pups as family members and try to include them in everything I do.

It’s not always as easily done as said, but there are a surprising amount of DogFuriendly places popping up now and hopefully with more awareness about how important our furry friends are to us, even more will continue to join the movement!

One place fairly locally to us that already seems to be really getting on board with the dog friendly mind set is Bakewell. A picturesque market town in the middle of the Peak District, Bakewell has everything to offer from food and drink, to stunning walks and lots of places to shop too!

Our personal favourites are:

The Red Lion pub

A yummy selection of typical British pub food as well as some local favourites! You’ve got to try the oatcakes! Jasper always gets a warm welcome from the staff and water is provided on request. We loved it so much we gave it a listing on DogFuriendly!

Visit to Dog Friendly Town - Bakewell

The “Love Lock Bridge”

Something a little different! Along the river there is a bridge known as Weir Bridge. It has been transformed over the years by lovers into a love lock bridge!
A love lock is a padlock which is inscibed with the intials or names of lovers. It is attached to a permanent fixture, such as a bridge, and the key is then thrown away. This is supposed to symbolise their unbreakable and eternal love for one another.

You could visit to place one with your own lover, or maybe you just want to symbolise your eternal love for your pup! Either way it makes a really cute memory not to mention a unique photo opportunity!

If you forgot to bring your own padlock they can be purchased from shops in town as it is a popular custom when visiting now to attach your own lock!

River Wye

The river Wye is a 15mile long river which runs in Derbyshire and passes through Bakewell.

You can walk from the middle of Bakewell (near the love lock bridge!) all the way to Monsal Trail if you wish, really making a day out of it!

Parts of the walk are paved but some is just along grassy bank so bare in mind the weather and terrain. There are plenty of benches to stop and sit at along the way and take in the gorgeous surroundings.

Lots of wildlife to enjoy, as well as one of the oldest bridges in England, mini waterfalls and just peaceful tranquility!


Many of the shops in the town are dog friendly. Lots of the have a sticker in the window or signs outside, but even some of those that don’t have these still allow dogs in if you ask. There are lots of outdoor stores, gift shops and clothing stores. Some of the food related business understandably don’t allow pets inside so it’s always best to check before you walk in.

These places are also dog friendly but we haven’t visited yet!

The Honey Bun Cafe

Bakewell Pet Supplies

Just in case you forgot anything for your dog.during your trip!

Where to stay?

As we are local I have never had to stay overnight before. However a quick Google showed me there are plenty of pet friendly places to stay if you’d like to make a stay out of your trip to Bakewell and the Peak District!

There are many more places in and around Bakewell for you and your pooch to enjoy together and we would love to hear about your visit so if you do go, let us know!

Woofs and tail wags,

Jasper, Effie and their human xo

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  1. Jack Romano March 29, 2019 Subscriber

    I didn’t think Bakewell was THAT dog friendly – three of four establishments make you welcome, the others seem pretty reluctant to have dogs in, even on lead or in your arms. My two dogs nearly died anyway as it took us over an hour to get parked. DO NOT visit this town on a Monday, there are TWO markets, a cattle market and the town market. Its hell for dogs and parking is impossible, especially as the council tend to close the main car parks in case they flood. Its a disaster that will spoil your day. I don’t want to pee on anyone’s parade but once you’re parked (car parks close at 6pm no matter what) there isn’t all that much to do, Its a small town just two main streets and a small arcade, you can ‘do’ it well inside an hour. Yes its pleasant enough, but I wouldn’t drive in from a distance to see it. Sorry but that’s how it is.

  2. The_K9_Tricksters July 6, 2019 Furiend

    Love Jasper & Effie 🙂

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