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How would you feel if your family and friends went for a nice meal without you? Well, now you know how the dog feels. While dog owners are completely torn between staying at home with the dog or going out with family and friends.

Welcome to Dog Furiendly, your number one source for dog friendly adventures. We’re dedicated to providing you with the very best travel platform, which is created and shaped by you, our community. Using our travel platform, you can find dog friendly things to do, places to eat/drink or stay to enjoy with your pooch by your side. Our website isn’t just limited to places to go, it also includes vital services like vets, pet shops and dog groomers. If it’s dog related, Dog Furiendly are barking mad for it! 

Making memories together

Research* suggests that 85% of dogs suffer from separation related anxiety, feeling frightened, lonely or sad whenever their owners head out to work or pop out of the house.

The wave of separation anxiety has increased since lockdown amongst dogs who have grown accustomed to having their owners at home.

Many dog owners are aware of this silent pandemic, with over 9 in 10 showing ‘pet parent guilt’ when saying goodbye to those sad puppy dog eyes.

That’s not forgetting that the life of a dog is way too short, and nobody wants their dog to spend it by the door waiting for us to come home. We want to create more memories to cherish.

Dog Furiendly aims to alleviate the problem, supporting dog owners to make more travel choices that include the dog.

We are family

Founded in 2018 by Adele, Dog Furiendly has come a long way from its blogging beginnings. Adele started Dog Furiendly to ensure that plans with her dog Charlie didn’t have to be compromised. What started as a small list of dog friendly places shared via a blog, has now turned into a tail-wagging community and easy to use travel platform.

The platform hasn’t been created alone, Adele has empowered 100’s of dog owners to share their favourite dog friendly places across the UK and Ireland in every nook and cranny. These amazing super heroes are called Explorers!

With a helping paw, these Explorers help to fill as many geographical gaps as possible. The platform has been created by dog owners, for dog owners. Thanks to these incredible humans, you’ll always find new places on Dog Furiendly, whether you come back in a day, a week or a month.

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