Leaving the dog behind is a tough scenario over 420,000 dog owners face in Wales every single day, making decisions like whether to stay with the dog or go out for a drink with friends. 

Well now your pooch can come too! Dog Furiendly is a brand new website in Wales sharing all the places the dog can go too, so you never have to fret about leaving the dog behind. Our website is filled with cafes, pubs, restaurants, attractions, shops, walks even caves! Take a look through and help us to build this growing tail-wagging community. 

We need your help!

By building this community, we can help other dog owners. We believe dog friendly places shouldn’t be a secret, but should be shared to help others find them.

Share your favourite places with us so that no dog gets left behind. Review your favourite places so that dog owners know exactly what to expect from a place. Meet like minded dog owners and get involved on social media by sharing your photos with us.

Dogs are a man’s best furiend – let’s be theirs too!