Review Guidelines

Reviews are important to us at Dog Furiendly. Not only do they help other dog owners with their travel decisions but they help the businesses to evolve with valuable feedback.

Although we value your contributions, we also want to make sure that Dog Furiendly is a safe and trustworthy travel platform. To help us with this goal, we ask that you abide by the following rules for reviews:

Keep your reviews current: Sometimes memories can be hazy, but also businesses tend to change and adapt. To keep content fresh, we ask that you write about experiences that occurred recently within the past year.

Reviews must be non-commercial: Reviews that contain content or links soley for promotional purposes will not be approved.

Relevant: Make sure your reviews are both relevant and helpful to other dog owners. When they’re reading your review they’re trying to understand what experience they will have with their dog. Did they place leave treats? Was fresh water provided? Any dog welcome pack? Is it suitable for big dogs? What about the amenities like parking? Is it wheelchair accessible?

Please don’t include any personal opinions about any wider social issues (politics, ethics, religion etc).

If visiting dog friendly accommodation we kindly ask that you write about your experience after you check-in. If your review is solely about the booking process or before arrival at the property it will not be approved.

Content must be Family Friendly: This is to maintain a safe, family friendly environment. Reviews with profanity or vulgarities will not be approved. Any content that goes against our terms and conditions will be removed and may be reported. Any content that describes or depicts first-hand participation in or advocates for illegal activities will be removed and may be reported.

Personal Information: We want to know about your experience but please keep personal or exclusive information to yourself. Content containing personal financial information, surnames, passwords or codes will not be approved.

Unique Content: Content must relate directly to the place to which it is submitted.

Unbiased: We don’t allow those own or are affiliated with a place to post reviews of their business or competing establishments. If you suspect a review is fake, you can use the “Report’ feature on the listing.

First-Hand: Dog owners want to hear about your experience because it helps to put them in the same paws. Second-hand information, rumours or quotes from other sources will not be accepted. Only provide reviews based on substantial experiences. Any content plagiarised will be removed.

Substantial Character Length: Please write reviews that are substantial. Fill the space with details about your experience. Any reviews under the 100 character limit will not be approved.

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