What is Lead the Way?

As a healthy pet food company, Burns Pet Nutrition want to help pet parents and their dogs to enjoy more of the great outdoors. The Lead The Way group walks aim to increase the human-animal bond and help local communities to connect with like-minded dog owners. We’re working with Burns to give dog enthusiasts all the tools they need to socialise, interact and walk with other dog owners in their area.

All the walks are FREE and you will even receive an amazing goody bag filled with goodies from Burns Pet Nutrition.

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About Burns Pet Nutrition

Burns has come a long way from its fledgling days, but we are still a family company at heart and will never sell out. It is our dream that one day every pet will consume a natural, healthy diet based on homecooked food, allowing the pet’s body to get on with what it does best.

Our focus remains on campaigning for positive change in the pet food industry, be it through our charity, nutritional education or award-winning products.

Our products are on the shelves at over 6,000 stockists and export pet food all over the world to countries as far and wide as Hong Kong and Portugal. Today we employ over 140 people across the UK and the Republic of Ireland. We also employ 8 members staff who work for our charity John Burns Foundation.